Leonardo DiCaprio comments on RiCaprio rumours.

It’s confirmed. The Hollywood couple we couldn’t believe were together, are not together.

There were rumours that Leonardo DiCaprio, 40, had thrown Rihanna, 27, a birthday bash and she was “following him around all night”, but as usual, the world’s gossip mags are wrong.

Rihanna will not be Leo’s next Rose.

Leo will not be making Rihanna feel like The Only Girl In The World.

Let it go, people.

Leo’s PR rep confirmed, “Leonardo is single and has been for some time.” Well, that’s that then.

Get over it, people.

Mamamia previously reported…

We have to say, we didn’t see this couple coming.

Rihanna + Leo DiCaprio = RiCaprio.

Yep. Apparently 27-year-old singer Rihanna and 40-year-old actor Leonardo DiCaprio are a bit kissy-wissy.

What’s the proof of this? As usual, pretty much nothing.


Rihanna at the CFDA in 2014.

According to TMZ (always SUCH a reliable source), Leo threw RiRi a birthday party over the weekend. That’s pretty boyfriend-y. But also according to TMZ, Rihanna was more than a bit clingy.

This is what one (charming) source said: “She’s the baddest bitch in the party, but she’s following him everywhere.”

Damn it, Rihanna. Play it cool.

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The couple have supposedly been ‘seeing’ each other for three months, and they were displaying a lot of affection at Rihanna’s 27th birthday party. One party-goer even tweeted that they were making out while one of Rihanna’s songs was playing.

Disturbia. So much Disturbia.

Leo DiCaprio. Much more than just acting.

We highly doubt that Rihanna was the clingy one. But RiRi, if you were, we have to ask:

Does he make you feel like you’re the Only Girl In The World? Does he make you Shine Bright Like A Diamond in your California King Bed?

Hope so.