Osher reveals that new Bachelor Richie is "terrified".

Oh, Richie.

You beautiful, wonderful person, Richie.

If he hadn’t already captured our hearts in last year’s season, our 2016 Bachelor has just proved once again he could be the sweetest man on the planet.

Host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Osher Gunsberg was recently asked about the real Richie. You know, the one we really, really want to know.

Osher said all the wonderful things.

We remember our favourite Bachelor moments from 2015. There were too many. (Post continues after video.)

Richie is a “self-made man”. He’s “very, very” smart. Over the past years, he’s ever so cleverly invested in things, making him financially stable.

“Richie is fearless when it comes to dangling off ropes, off the side of oil rigs above the Indian ocean,” Osher said.

But then, Osher revealed that despite all the things that make Richie wonderful, he desperately lacks confidence.

“[Richie is] terrified when faced with a beautiful woman…Which is super fun to watch!” Osher added.

But. Richie. He’s terrified of beautiful women.

Look at Richie. Just…how? Images via Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

Our minds are so confused.

Osher also gave a sneaky preview of what the upcoming season of the The Bachelor will be like.

“I think the thing is that it’s a really funny show this year – the girls are really funny. Richie’s a very funny man.

“And we had a lot of designers approach up this year, so there’s a lot of couture going on, a lot of dresses that are perfectly made for the women on the show. It’s great, the girls look absolutely stunning this year.”

Well, whatever the women look like, we absolutely cannot wait for this year’s Bachelor.

As lovely as Sascha was for Sam last year, it was Richie who had us at hello. Literally.

Listen to Mia Freedman talk to Osher Gunsberg. It is completely fabulous.