Bachelor Richie just committed a huge boyfriend crime and Alex may never forgive him for it.

It seems just weeks in to making his relationship with Alex Nation public, former Bachelor Richie Strahan has already committed one of the greatest boyfriend crimes of all.

Posting on Instagram on Friday, Richie betrayed all sense of trust and loyalty by sharing a photo of Alex wide-mouthed and fast asleep on a plane, taking advantage of her comatose state and his wide social media following.

Captioning the image, “Catching flies in the skies,” fans were quick to point out Strahan’s betrayal and commending Alex on the fact it doesn’t seem like she has “killed him” yet.

Catching flies in the skies ✈️ ????

A photo posted by Richie Strahan (@richie_strahan) on

“You’re lucky she loves you, I would have killed you,” one commenter pointed out.

Another pointed out this was the very reason she doesn’t fall asleep near her husband after a big night.

“This is why I don’t fall asleep anywhere or have a big night my husband takes full advantage sends pictures to family members so he has hard evidence before I wake up and delete,” she said.


However, others were simply more interested in how Alex was going to respond to this and whether she was going to seek revenge.

“There’s gotta be some great payback after this,” one pointed out.

Richie’s post comes just days after the pair criticised Woman’s Day for running an apparent “exclusive” on their “shock split”, after the duo believed they’d given exclusive photos and interviews only to be “stabbed… in the back”.

“The one thing I got a little bit annoyed at was in Woman’s Day, the ‘Shock Split’ [headline],” the pair told Popsugar Australia.

“I waited for that Monday like, ‘Oh, babe, we’ve got our exclusive with Woman’s Day, I can’t wait to see it! Our beautiful pictures from Bali and our love story that transpired on television,” Alex added.

“And then we saw it and it was like, “Shock Split!” It was just like…one of those moments where we’d given everyone our all. We’d done our absolute best to accommodate everyone.”

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