A shirtless Richie Strahan was quickly upstaged in his latest Instagram photo.

When Richie Strahan shares a photo of himself without a shirt on, he could be forgiven for presuming the majority of viewer attention would be on his six pack.

However, this was not the case earlier today when the former Bachelor star shared a photo with fans.

Here’s the pic in question:

As the caption indicates, the shot was intended to highlight Bonds underwear.

Yet what caught the attention of several followers was not Richie’s undies, not his bare torso, nor the mug of coffee in his hand.

It was another man altogether… kind of.

Fans’ eyes were quickly drawn to the knife holder behind Richie, which is shaped like a man being stabbed in the head and legs — and a number of them posted about it in the comments section. (Post continues after gallery.)


“That knife holder, poor guy getting it in his face lol,” commented one follower.

“The knife holder BHAAHHAHAAH I shouldn’t be laughing so hard,” wrote another.

When one fan complimented him on it, Richie ‘fessed up: “Thanks, it’s not my kitchen.” (Which begs the question: Whose it it, then?)

Perhaps the rope access technician will need to plan his Insta shots a little more strategically next time, lest he be upstaged by a kitchen ornament again.