It looks like Richie is moving to Melbourne to be with Alex Nation.


It’s happening.

Richie and Alex are getting ready to move in together, get married and have a thousand babies.

Well, possibly.

After declaring their undying love for each other on last week’s The Bachelor finale, Alex and Richie may already be thinking about making their romance a little less long-distance.


It appears Richie has put his two-bedroom Perth home on the market. But stay calm, it’s only available for rent.

You could move in to the 1030sqm home – said to be worth around $1 million, thanks to kitchen and bathroom renovations – for as little as $350 a week.

You could sleep in Richie's bedroom. Creepy? Image via

The subject of distance - with Richie a Perth-based lad and single-mum Alex residing in Melbourne - has been a hot topic in interviews since the pair went public with their love.

Just last week, Waleed Aly grilled the pair on The Project, asking them "how the hell" their relationship was going to work.

Video via Channel 10

"You know, we're not in any rush, we're just excited to start this new chapter together. Obviously there is the barrier there, but we now have an amazing home base in Perth and an amazing home base in Melbourne as well," said Alex.

"Obviously I have a little boy and his dad is in Melbourne so it's definitely something Rich and I and Elijah's dad will have to discuss but at the moment we're just enjoying each other and the start of this amazing chapter together."

Waleed's response?

"You're moving to Melbourne buddy."

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