Bachelor Richie finally shares the moment he fell in love with Alex. And we're confused.

Let’s all take a trip down The Bachelor memory lane.

There was that monkey cage he put Nikki in during the final episode, the super fun camping that Olena was done with, and that cringe-worthy date where Hamish Blake for some reason turned up.

But, nothing will ever burn our eyes more than one of Richie’s dates with Alex, who he ended up falling in love with.

Our own former-Bachelor recapper, Rosie Waterland, describes it best:


Despite the savvy attempts of editors to make the “chocolate diarrhoea sex bath” look romantic, most of us were left feeling queasy after watching it.


And wondering, how the hell they were going to get the chocolate out of certain...places.

It seems our immediate thoughts to run away from such a date are not shared by this year's Bachelor, Richie Strahan, who has taken to social media, gushing about the moment.

It was on his birthday and the 31-year-old revealed in the post, amid the melting chocolate bath, that he was falling in love with her.

"Under the stars on a balmy night, amongst fairy lights and tall gum trees, I spent my birthday covered head to toe in chocolate, falling in love," he wrote.

"Alex and I were having the best time joking, laughing and getting so lost in each other's company, we forgot about everything around us, a producer had to remind me over and over again 'wrap it up..' but the truth was I didn't want it to end, i'ts a birthday I will never forget.


"There is never a time for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heart beat, in a very special moment. "

Fans seemed to be equally head over heels for Alex and Richie on this date with one writing, "I loved this date so much. You two were so natural".


And another commenting, "Could see you were both lost in each other when this episode aired! #teamalex from day 1".

While that chocolate diarrhoea sex bath wouldn't be our cup of tea (just a block of chocolate would be tip top), it certainly won over Alex and Richie.

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