Richard Glover said what we were all thinking about Singo's brain snap.

On Monday, millionaire businessman John Singleton had a boozy lunch that spiralled into him threatening to glass one of his mates (it was just a joke!), then ended with a string of similar “jokes” about bashing women.

It was an ugly incident, that has earn’t ‘Singo’ a $550 fine for ‘offensive behaviour’.  But it took ABC presenter Richard Glover to say straight up what we were all thinking: There’s nothing about this incident that’s funny.

Here’s the background: Singleton (radio station owner, businessman and lover of long lunches) had a argument with his mate, billionaire hamburger baron Jack Cowin, at an upmarket restaurant. Some say it was over wrestling, others about Singleton’s decision to drink a particular wine (something about a ‘rose and gay’ remark). Either way, it led to Singo picking up the stem of a broken glass and threatening his best mate with it.  Singo’s son – who was at the lunch with his father –  insists it was just a joke.

Richard Glover followed up with a story about the ugly incident. The reaction it sparked from listeners showed just how much we normalise appalling behaviour.

Listen to the segment below.


That was the story Richard covered on 702 – but it wasn’t what upset him. What did, was a video taken as the mates left the restaurant. You can watch it here.

Or to spare your revulsion, here’s the showreel highlight – Singelton jokes the fight was about dining companion Jon Stevens and says, “He (Stevens) was trying to find a woman to belt”.  Hilarious right? Singo’s mates think so, having a good old guffaw.

Jon Stevens was charged earlier this year with assaulting his ex-fiancé Jodhi Meares. The charges were later dropped.

The video also features more: dicks, sexism, sex changes and violence, with Singelton yelling, “Oh I do, I f—ing love it, I f—ing love it, I f—ing love it!”


On his radio show yesterday Richard Glover covered the story. Later on Facebook he posted how surprised he was at the audience reaction.  Especially from listeners who dismissed the story as being about a “good bloke who’d just had a few too many drinks”.

The post that appeared on Richard Glover's Facebook page.

Speaking to Debrief Daily this morning Richard said: "People are too quick to normalise this by saying boys will be boys.  I don't think I live in a sheltered bubble, I don't know any men like that. All the men I know, from my son's friends in their 20s to mine in my 50s, all love women and are loyal to their wives and friends.

"I'd hate to feel Australian men, once released by alcohol, talk like that about women. It's a weird and unusual thing and it needs to be labelled as a weird and unusual thing. It's normal for Australian men to tease each other and it's good fun but it's not normal to talk fun about violence against women."

At Debrief Daily we say thank you and bravo Richard Glover. These men are powerful. They are rich. They are boofheads.

It's time other men stood up to them and told them their antics are not funny, are not an exemplification of mateship, but are sending a dangerous message to boys and men.

Guys. Violence against each other is not funny. Sexism and sex changes are not funny. Your dicks are not funny. Drunks are not funny.

Violence against women is not funny. Ever.

Most women have a great sense of humour, but it's time the old guard, exemplified by Singleton and his craggy cohort, got their shit together.  It's 2015, guys: your days are over.

Richard Glover is the new man.


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