real life

Rich, crazy people got divorced. Are still rich and crazy respectively.

I usually get right into big media stories about celebrities because I’m easily entertained like that. But the whole Heather Mills, Paul McCartney divorce has left me surprisingly impassive. I’ve struggled to care, I really have. But I just cannot summon sympathy for either of them and I dearly wish they would shut up, take their trucks of money and go away to separate corners of the world never to bother us again.
I know that public opinion has been on the side of Paul since the beginning and yes, obviously she’s a giant pain in the butt and possibly unhinged.

But I’m not one of those people with religious reverence for him just
because he was a Beatle. In my house growing up, John Lennon was The
Beatle most worshipped (by my mother) so it was indeed a shattering day
when he was assassinated in 1980. I remember it well. But Paul? Look,
he married a woman who was the same age as his daughters and had a
questionable past.
He also had the best legal advice money can buy so if he chose not to
protect himself with a pre-nup or a private investigator to check her
out? Well, he’s learned a valuable lesson, lost a few bucks and he
still has tens of millions of dollars. The End.

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