The hydrating lipstick of our dreams has entered the chat.

Thanks to our brand partner, Revlon

It’s official, matte lipsticks are in. 

As we slowly make our way into the cooler months of the year, I’ve noticed that I’ve been gravitating towards deeper and more pigmented tones. 

I’ve always loved the way bright lipsticks looked on me, however, I've run into a bit of an issue in the past… Bright lipsticks weren't loving me back. As someone who has been blessed with an overachieving bottom lip, every time I wear lipstick, it’ll always make its way to my chin. Stunning. 

And then something good happened. Revlon has recently launched a new lipstick range. At $29.95 a pop, their new ColorStay Limitless Matte Lipsticks comes in 16 shades which makes a picky lipstick user like myself very excited. 

I’ll admit that using matte lipsticks makes me a bit nervous as I have been burned in the past with formulas that are super drying and make my lips feel so chapped. 

These guys however don’t do that. They feel like satin lipsticks that set matte – ideal. I’ve been trialling a few different shades for a couple of weeks and now, they’re the only lipsticks you’ll find in my handbag atm.

As we’re moving into autumn, I gravitated towards the deeper brown, blush and red tones and I’ve found my new staples. 

The three shades that I’ve had on rotation are Poster Child (002), Model Behaviour (004) and Hype Girl (015). And believe me when I say, those names live up to their pigments. 

Revlon's new ColorStay Limitless Matte Lipstick range in Poster Child (002), Model Behaviour (004) and Hype Girl (015). Image: Supplied.


Hype Girl is probably my favourite shade, and that’s saying a lot because I'm usually not thrilled about the way a red lip looks on me. I always felt like red lipstick made my face look duller and made me look like a child trying to pass as 18 years old so she’d be let into a nightclub. However, the 015 shade of this range didn’t do that at all (at least my friends told me it didn’t do that). 

Living for Hype Girl (015). Image: Supplied.


The shade makes me feel so put together and even if I’m not wearing any makeup, it works so well on its own to make me look more 'done up'. 

I’m very picky when it comes to pink-nudey shades so I must admit, I didn’t have super high expectations for Poster Child. Pinks and nudes can look very wrong on my skin tone. What some brands mark as nude shades, makes it look like I’ve lathered chalk on my lips (and not in a cute and quirky way). 


Revlon's Poster Child (002). Image: Supplied.

The minute I tried Poster Child, I got around three compliments. This may not sound like a lot but if you’re a lipstick guru like myself where everyone expects you to wear something on your lips, three compliments are HUGE. Most importantly, I thought that Revlon absolutely nailed the shade. This lipstick actually looks nude on my lips, it’s a perfect everyday wear that will go with absolutely any outfit. 

And now we’ve come to my third child. Model Behaviour is the brown shade with red undertones that many lipstick brands have promised in the past, only for the shade to lean too far on either side. Not this shade though. This shade is absolutely brilliant. It’s so close to the natural shade of my lips that it gives the vibe of the no-makeup makeup look. I will say that it probably won’t give off the same look on people with a lighter skin tone than me but hey, that’s the beauty of colour theory. 


Most excited about Model Behaviour (004). Image: Supplied.


This shade is what I’m most excited to use when it gets a bit cooler, as I can’t wait to wear it with my winter wardrobe. 

All of the lipsticks go on so smoothly that you would at first think they were glosses. My favourite thing about the formula is that, unlike other matte lipsticks I’ve tried, these at the first application, go on in a thinner consistency. This allows you to build on the product if you want to achieve a deeper colour or keep it to a single swipe if you want a lighter pigment. 

A little hack that works well with these lipsticks is that you can make them work as lip liners as well.

Line your lips with the tip of the brush. Let it set. Fill in the rest of your lips but keep the layer thin. Re-line your lips again. Yep, you now have a two-in-one. 

Another huge win with these lipsticks is that… They. Do. Not. Budge. I’ve eaten a full six-course dinner and my lipstick has remained in place.  

If this worries you about the removal process, don’t worry — you won’t be at the sink for hours scrubbing the skin off your lips. I use a gentle oil cleanser and it comes straight off.

As a picky lipsticker, this range has completely lifted the game when it comes to matte lipsticks. I’m sure we’ll be seeing them everywhere and on everyone very soon. 

Shop the new Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte Lipstick range at Chemist Warehouse.

Feature Image: Supplied.

Revlon ColorStay Limitless Matte™ Lipstick delivers up to 24HR wear, a no budge lightweight matte finish and a 100% vegan formula. The concentrated pigment blend gives you an intense burst of matte colour that dries down to a super lightweight finish, it feels barely there. Infused with Triple Hyaluronic Acid to dramatically increase hydration + Upcycled Cranberry Extract to protect lips with a non-tightening feel. This 100% vegan formula is safe for sensitive lips. The lip-hugging applicator is specially shaped to fit the contours of your lips for a precise, mess-free application. Available in 16 shades to suit your skin undertone.