Four new books by Aussie women that will make your life so much better.

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There’s nothing quite like the magical, healing power of books to get your life back on track.

Luckily for us, four wickedly smart Australian women have all penned new books that are just brimming with the type of loving advice you’d expect to hear from your best girlfriends. Advice that is backed-up with extensive experience and expertise. So you know you are only getting the good stuff.

From fixing your finances to mending a broken heart, here are four new books by Aussie women that you just cannot live without.

Food Hacker by Rosie Mansfield

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I am one of those people who watches a cooking show once and then vows to become a master chef. Someone who regularly whips up home-cooked feats for myself and my loved ones.

Then, when I’m actually standing in the supermarket starring at all the ingredients and the enormity of the task ahead of me I always just end up panic-buying a frozen meal. Enter Rosie Mansfield’s new book Food Hacker.

With her new book, Channel Ten’s Good Chef Bad Chef host Rosie has found a way to solve the two main problems that have been preventing  busy, everyday people (like me) from properly feeding themselves – the over complication of the subject and finding the time to make healthy recipes.

Her book is packed with healthy tips and tricks you can actually use at home AND her book promotes ingredients you can easily source without making a trip to your local black market.

If your goal for the second half of 2018 involves eating a healthier diet, this is the book for you.

Break-up Boss by Zoe Foster Blake

If there’s anyone I would trust to be the boss of my entire life, from everything to skincare choices and where to holiday, if would be Zoe Foster Blake. The woman has built an entire empire on dishing out sassy, helpful and humorous advice.

Now she has poured all of that knowledge and expertise into a new book called Break-up BossIt’s like having Zoe in your handbag or in your home at all times, without being faced with any sort of false imprisonments charges, which is always a bonus.

Having a relationship end or having your heart broken can feel like the very worst type of pain, but Zoe is able to dish out some advice that will help you through the very worst moments and even make you laugh.

The best part of this book, which actually started life as an app, is that it doesn’t promise a quick or easy fix for your broken heart. And it acknowledges that not every break-up is the same.

Instead of being preachy, I found it to be funny and helpful. This book will give you a cheerful buzz every time you finish another section of it.

I like to think of it as the Mojito of books.

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"If there's anyone I trust to be the boss of my entire life, it would be Zoe Foster Blake." Source: Instagram.

The $1000 Project by Canna Campbell

At the moment, I kind of feel like I'm being handed money-saving advice left, right and centre from "experts" who believe I should have a savings account to rival that of Kim Kardashian and that I should be investing in a whole of bunch of things I can't really get my head around because their advice reads like it was written in Russian.

Canna Campbell's new book The $1000 Project finally puts a relatable and achievable twist on this whole money-saving caper. She does so in a way that shows me that she understands the financial situation most Australian women find themselves in.

The book teaches you how to master Canna's ‘bundling’ technique, by explaining how you can go about saving and earning money outside of your regular salary in small, achievable ‘parcels’ of $1000.

Canna, who was recently a guest on Mamamia's Lady Startup podcast and spoke about founding SASS Financial and Sugarmama.TV, is able to give practical and easy-to-follow advice on things like how to build a passive income and how to banish toxic financial stress. 

This book worked for me so much better than any other financial texts I have read, because it doesn't make you feel guilty about spending money on things that make you truly happy and I can tell it was written from a perspective of support, not judgement.

Canna Campbell is the author of The 1000 Project. Image: Instagram.

The Prisoner by Kerry Tucker

There are some books that have you hooked from the very beginning, and one of the them is the riveting new read The Prisoner from Kerry Tucker.

The book is a memoir penned by Kerry about her time spent serving a sentence in a maximum-security prison, after the suburban mother of two was found guilty of stealing money from her employers.

When her offence was discovered it was found that her crime was the biggest white-collar crime committed by a female in Victoria.

It may sound like a despairing and bleak read, but I found it to be filled with passion, resilience and hope. Kerry writes about how her time in prison actually led her to study and become an advocate for her fellow prison mates.

I won't spoil the way her story ends if you're not already familiar with her work, but it's safe to say that this book chronicles the sheer magic that happens when Australian women share their stories of strength and survival.

"There are some books that have you hooked from the very beginning, and one of the them is The Prisoner from Kerry Tucker." Source: Supplied.

Which one of these new Aussie books by female writers are you most excited to read first?

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