People came #HomeToVote for gay marriage in Ireland. And it was beautiful.

It’s the images of people who have waited too long for equality and too long for love.

Today is a little like St Patrick’s Day – everyone is celebrating an Irish heritage that they may or may not actually have.

Ireland held a referendum to make same-sex marriage legal, and by popular vote, won the case. There were rainbow flags, signs reading “You’re all invited to the wedding!”, and probably a fair bit of drinking going on in between.

Marriage equality… FINALLY!

But more so than that, have been the pictures of the Irish leaving work business trips, holidays and overseas adventures just to come back home to vote. They believed in the cause and stopped at no expense to have their voice heard.

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Probably grab a tissue. These ordinary citizens may cause your eyes to leak water with pure joy.

All the rainbows appeared.

And then Hollywood’s A-listers hit us right in the feels.

You won’t be able to resist the rest of these heartwarming #HometoVote stories we found on Twitter. We’re so proud of you Ireland.

Even the sky agrees with your decision.

Do you support Ireland’s vote to say ‘yes’ to gay marriage?