A guide for parents: How to respond to your kid's 'artwork'.


Melbournian illustrator Gavin Aung Than takes inspirational quotes and turns them into comic strips. His cartoons, based on uplifting or inspiring quotes from poets to Presidents and comedians to colonels, have been published around the world.

But one cartoon in particular affected us all quite deeply. For this special cartoon, Gavin has taken a quote from film-maker (and notorious rude-dude), Kevin Smith, and turned it into a beautiful tribute to parents who encourage their kids to pursue a career in the arts.

It’s a sweet reminder to parents to be kind to the little artist in your home because you never know just how big that little artist could get…or how many lives they might change…


More of Gavin’s work can be found at Zen Pencils. His first collection of cartoons, “Zen Pencils: Cartoon quotes from inspirational folks” is available now. You can find out where to buy it here.