Replacing stuff with other stuff is funny.


You know what’s funny? Replacing pictures of stuff with other stuff.

Don’t believe me? Well – prepare to have everything you ever thought you knew about the world, irrevocably shaken.

Example 1: Sandwiches replacing mobile phones.

In this case, I think the stock images are particularly delightful. As is any picture where the models are trying to take a selfie/looking on with unabashed joy at a delicious turkey sambo.

Example 2: Thumbs up replacing guns.

My problem with action movies and thrillers is that there are just too many guns. Yeah, yeah, I know. They’re essential to the plot, or they progress the storyline, or they make characters more believable as baddies. But I just wish everyone could get along.

And that’s why I love these photos so much. All those macho men and cops and guns for hire – they’re just being really supportive and positive.

Give peace a chance, guys.

Example 3: Cats replacing sports balls.

No cats were harmed in the making of these images. Mamamia does not recommend attempting to recreate these images at home.

Example 4: Baguettes replacing everything, ever.

This is Jam’s personal favourite. The artists, John Milhiser and Tim Bierbaum, have funny friends and convinced a whole bunch of famous comedians they know to pose in photos holding baguettes. Except not just any baguette-holding. Baguettes replacing other stuff. Comedic genius, obviously.

Did you laugh? Go on…