You can now rent an island in Belize for $650. Seriously.

Out of the way, Chrissy Teigen. To the left, Beyoncé. It’s your turn to be vacation queen. Specifically, on your own private island.

For less than $650 a night, you get to pretend you are the sort of very rich, very famous person who might actually own an island. Think of it as a taste of the life you gave up when you realised what most real jobs actually pay.

Bird Island, off the coast of Belize, is available for rent on Airbnb for $636 a night. The only catch: you need to stay a minimum of three nights. But really, as catches go, not that awful. Heavenly, even.

The island a 20-minute boat ride off the coast of Placencia a small beach town, and comes with all the trappings your tropical island fantasy could dream up.

Hammock? Check.

belize island

Image via Airbnb.

Lounge chairs? Check.

Kayaks? Check again.

Coconuts? Of course.

Blue water, sunshine, sand? Check, check, check.

The three-bedroom, one-bath house sleeps four guests, and takes up pretty much the whole of the tiny island. That means you get 360-degree views. It also means you feel blissfully alone. The home has electricity, running water and life's biggest necessity, wifi (so you're not too alone). It's like the opposite of being shipwrecked.

“The island is best suited for the self-sufficient at heart and resourceful in nature who will appreciate the opportunity of being truly detached from civilization at least for a few days,” Bird Island's owner Fred Arbona writes on Airbnb.

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Unsurprisingly, the island is totally booked through 2017. On the bright side, that gives you plenty of time to practice your best Beyoncé-on-the-beach poses before your trip in 2018.

You can see more of the island and learn a bit more about Fred in Mel Magazine's beautiful feature video:

H/T: Huffington Post


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