FLUFF: Renee Zellweger does not look like Renee Zellweger anymore.

If you’re a female celebrity over 40, you simply cannot win.

If you eschew plastic surgery, you look haggard, and probably won’t get as much work. And if you do have some ‘work’, you’re criticised and mocked for doing so.

Take Renee Zellweger for example. The 44-year-old recently appeared at an event – the interestingly titled: Painted Turtle Presents A Starry Evening of Music in San Francisco – with a notably more youthful appearance. In fact, she looks younger than she did when she was young.


Cue the mocking. “She looks like a love child of Jennifer Lawrence and Hilary Clinton,” says one entertainment writer.

In fact, Google “Renee Zwellweger face” and you’ll get over six million hits. Mostly because an open discussion about her face isn’t a strictly new topic. The actress made headlines in November 2013, when plastic surgery rumours were rife due to her rather started wide-eyed appearance at a series of red carpet events. She hasn’t appeared at a public event since. And we don’t blame her.

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