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The beautiful way Amanda remembers her late husband.

Jesse Snyder passed away before his first child was due to be born, leaving his wife, Amanda to navigate bringing a baby into the world on her own.

Now, a photographer has shared the beautiful way Amanda is keeping his memory alive.

Sharing the heartbreakingly beautiful images to her Facebook page, photographer Shanna Logan worked to create the pregnancy photo shoot the couple sadly never got to have.

“Amanda Snyder lost her husband, Jesse Wayne Snyder who passed while she was pregnant with their son,” the Pennsylvanian photographer wrote in the post which has since been liked 10,000 times.

“She was in the middle of moving, big life changes, and about to deliver her precious baby boy very soon. We did the shoot in remembrance of him.”

Using existing photos of Jesse from the couple’s wedding day, Shanna was able to include the father-to-be in what would have been an exciting time in their lives.

“After we lose someone, we are forced to carry on with our lives.. we continue to love and keep them with us in any way we can, but we have to keep going,” Shanna wrote.

“Whatever it takes. Amanda you are strong, amazing, and your going to be the best momma to that little boy. Jesse will always be watching over you and be by you and your sons side.”

What do you think about the idea of recreating moments with loved ones who have passed?