Vibrators. What’s the buzz all about?


Remember sex education at school? The teacher was most likely awkward, bananas and condoms were involved and between all the fits and giggles the only thing you got out of it was a sudden distaste for phallic shaped fruit.

Cue Dr. Doe, a sexologist who is taking her knowledge of all things ‘sexy time’ to the Internet.

Her You Tube channel, Sexplanations, has excellent informative videos like “Dry Humping Saves Lives” and “The Vulva – The Vagina’s Neighborhood,”  and now she’s taken on the touchy (geddit?) subject of how vibrators are made*.

Take a look:


Sure there’s plenty of innuendo “sliding sheaths” and talk of “not wanting to force the penis/vagina situation” but it’s probably the most informing/entertaining vibrator video you’re ever likely to see.


*Don’t mistake this for a DIY video, it’s not – unless you’re more resourceful than MacGyver let loose in a Dick Smith store.




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