Where is the young Forrest Gump now?

He’s definitely less goofy looking.

“Mama always said, life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

The famous line from one of the most loved characters of all time – Forrest Gump. We all fell in love with the adorably goofy guy who just wouldn’t let his mama down.

Tom Hanks played the part to perfection and his younger self played by Michael Humphreys pulled at everyone’s heart strings.

Remember this guy (and his childhood sweetheart Jenny)…

Forrest Gump and Jenny.

Well this guys is now all grown up.

He doesn't look like that any more, he's a grown man that slipped quietly out of the acting world to pursue a life that was (coincidentally) on a similar path to that of Forrest.

Here is Michael (and 'Jenny') today...

Cute. Image via Imgur.

Yep, they have grown in to some fine young specimens, but Michael has turned away from Hollywood for now.

The Forrest Gump actor told the DailyMail that ultimately he turned his back on acting and went for a military career instead.

"Once the movie had done so well in America, and had been through the Oscars, they were getting ready to promote it overseas and they upped the tempo on that," he told the DailyMail.


"I got a lot out of it as a kid – a lot more if I had just gone to one Oscar show. So I think that worked out for me – being exposed to world travel and that made me worldly," Michael told them.

After such success for the Oscar winning movie, Michael had a lot of high-profile offers from Hollywood, but he turned them down for military service.

Image via imgur.

"Where we were filming was very close to Parris Island, the Marine Training Camp in South Carolina where all the helicopters that were used in the Vietnam scene came from," he told the DailyMail. "It was basically all the stuff that regular kids my age would never have got the opportunity to do, and I can honestly say that experience directly motivated me to join the military later."

Michael had a year in Iraq and once that concluded he finished with the army and enrolled at the University of North Alabama to study International Relations.

He is currently single, he is 29 and is living in Mississippi.

What other stars would you like to know where they are now?

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