Now trolls are breakfast shaming the sweetest celebrity mum.

C’mon guys give them a break.

Okay guys this has to stop – we are now mummy shaming and snack shaming one of the sweetest A-List celebrities, all because she decided to make a smiley face for her child’s breakfast. AND (ghastly horror) she had sugar in it.

Today, Reese Witherspoon posted a photo to her Instagram of her toddler’s breakfast. She captioned the photo, “Good morning! #ISeeAFace #ToddlerBreakfast.”

Then the trolls came out.

Breakfast smiles. Image via @reesewitherspoon Instagram.

Somehow a funny little breakfast face was cause for concern - or cause for a troll to jump down the actress's throat.

The 38-year-old actress had simply made breakfast for her youngest son, Tennessee and decided to get a little creative. But of course two, tiny cinnamon scrolls seemed to be too much sugar for a mum to be feeding her son.

Many of her fans came to Reese's defence though.

Reese has two children with her previous husband, Ryan Phillipe - Ava, 15 and Deacon, 11. Tennessee is her first child with her current husband, Jim Toth.

We're sure she treats all of her children to creatively made meals, and some that may have some sugar in them - because as we were always taught, everything in moderation is okay.

The Hollywood A-Lister has been busy in the kitchen, making lots of fun things for her new child. A few days ago Reese posted this cute invention of eggs on toast.

We wouldn't say no to this awesome breakfast. Image via @reesewitherspoon Instagram.

And for the troll whose worried about Reese feeding her child too much sugar, we want them to have a good hard look at this photo because Reese's adorable toddler looks pretty happy and healthy to us.

Tennessee is a cutie. Image via @reesewitherspoon Instagram.

Let's support other mums and stop trolling, mum shaming and snack shaming when it's just unnecessary. Ultimately we're all doing the best we can with what we have.

We can't ask for any more than that.

Can we?

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