Reese Witherspoon answers all your questions.

Reese Witherspoon joins Vogue for an interview series where the actress answers 73 questions in seven minutes.

Join actress and mother Reese Witherspoon on a tour of her family home where she answers 73 questions about her favourite things.

Reese has recently graced the cover of Vogue and to go with it, she’s given us an insight into her personal life as part of Vogue’s 73 Questions interview series.

Reese's Vogue cover.

The Legally Blonde actress answers all your pressing questions, like "What's the best thing about being a mum?" (Eating cool things like chicken fingers.) and "What's the cutest thing on planet earth?" (Babies in Halloween costumes.).

Reese shows you through her beautiful Los Angeles home in the video and even impresses the interviewer by back-flipping on the trampoline.

Watch the video below.

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