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19 people describe the moment they knew their relationship was over.


Some relationships die a slow and painful death. Some explode in a flash of drama.

But for most, with post-break-up hindsight, there’s a moment when you KNEW. You just KNEW. This isn’t working.

These moments were retold in a recent Reddit thread that asked ‘When did you realise your previous SO (significant other) was not the one?’

All the answers were sad, some were angry, and all tell a particular story.

Some talked about their realisation of their reluctance to spend time with their partner:

Others talked about the moment they felt their partner contributed to the break-up:

Many of the users felt they could relate to at least one of the explanations, while offering their own advice or thoughts on other user’s moments.

The result is a fascinating list of red flags that could provide a valuable insight into when it is time to end a relationship.

Take a look through some of the other times people knew their relationship was over:

When did you know that your relationship was over?