She told hundreds of men it was a photo of her boobs. It wasn't.

Ah, the old ‘I’m pretending this is my cleavage but really it’s my husband’s bum crack’ trick.


There’s a thread on reddit called GoneWild, where men and women who think particularly highly of themselves can post photos of their hot bodies for other people to look at. It’s generally filled with a bunch of very horny people saying a bunch of pretty depraved things. Just your standard internet nonsense; nothing new to see here.

UNTIL, one hilarious woman decided to have a bit of fun with the horny GoneWild commenters last night.

Calling herself poshpink330, she posted this picture of her cleavage, with the caption (NSFW) first time poster… Wanna see more? ;-)”

Then she sat back and waited for the sex-filled remarks to come flooding in.


And come flooding in they did. poshpink330 received dozens and dozens of comments from horny redditors begging her for more. A lot of stuff we don’t really want to republish here, but it involved a lot of penis talk, if you get the idea.

Then, 24 hours later, poshpink330 dropped a bombshell.




poshpink330 posted her big reveal with the following caption:

“Glad everyone loved my husband’s a** crack. Whether you were frustrated and needed someone to ‘blow your load,’ or if you simply wanted to ‘kiss every inch of it goodnight,’ I’m glad that my husband’s butt gave you the comfort you needed. All 51 of you who pm’d me.”

Needless to say, the commenters who had been so turned on just hours earlier were not impressed.

Legend status: Achieved.