The Red Wiggle, Simon Pryce, proposed to his girlfriend in the most romantic way.

Simon Pryce, better known as the Red Wiggle, has shared the details of his proposal to personal trainer Lauren Hannaford.

The pair met five years ago, when Hannaford joined The Wiggles tour as a gymnastics coach for Anthony’s children. One day, Pryce mustered up the courage to ask if he could join in. He told Kidspot that it “all kind of went from there”.

The 44-year-old entertainer proposed at the very end of 2015 and it turns out that he is quite the romantic.

Hannaford maintains that she didn’t suspect a thing. They were holidaying together in Paris (obviously) and Pryce booked tickets to an orchestral concert in Sainte Chappelle, a 13th century chapel. He told Kidspot that it has the “largest amount of stained glass of that era in the world. It used to house Christ’s crown of thorns.”


It was there that he proposed.

Pryce says he wasn’t nervous about asking, but felt shy “because there was a room full of people watching the concert.” He said that he waited for people to leave before he found the right moment.

Pryce might be a well known performer, but in this instance, he didn’t want to be the centre of attention. He spoke to all of our worst nightmares, explaining that “I’m not that type of person who would propose at a baseball game with it shown on the big screen.” Hannahford, you’ve found a keeper.

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Onlookers did notice a gorgeous proposal taking place, and the lead violinist from the orchestra approached them, and showered them with gifts.

Pryce said that they then “went for dinner to a restaurant across the road and someone who saw it all must have told the waitress that we got engaged. They gave us free food and drinks. No hot potatoes though (laughs).” Good with kids, romantic AND funny. Goddamit Hannaford you’ve really hit the jackpot.

They’ve yet to settle on a date for the big day, but it will most likely be next year. Kidspot asked if any Wiggle members will be included in the bridal party, to which Pryce diplomatically answered; “I don’t think so. Anthony, Emma and Lachy will be there for sure and they’ll all be a huge part of the day. I’m looking forward to it though; it will be a lot of fun!”


Pryce is, of course, in charge of the cars. Our prediction is that they will big…and red…

Both describe their taste as “classic and simple”. The big day won’t consist of any loud block colours, and certainly no Wiggles skivvies.

We wish them all the best, and a huge congratulations on their engagement.