Red Foo calls Dannii Minogue 'over-sexualised'.


If the X Factor judges were monkeys, they would have been flinging poo at each other last night.

Judge Red Foo – also known as ‘That Crazy Singer With The Stupid-Looking Afro and Austin Power Suits’ – called other judge Dannii Minogue an ‘over-sexualised’ dresser.

This is what went down:

Reigan in the dress that began the war.

Contestant Reigan Derry (Blonde hair, big voice, used to be in girl group ‘Scarlet Belle’ with Kyle Sandiland’s ex-fiancee Tamara Jaber. Got all that?) sang a song in a red corset-y dress.

The judges gave their opinions.

Nat said long words like “aggressive” and “Bassingthwaighte”.

Ronan criticised for a while and then yelled “I thought the song was great” about ten times.

Dannii pointed out that in Reigan’s initial audition, her standard sob story (everyone must have one because DRAMA) was that she had been over-sexualised in her career so far, and wanted to just be recognised as a singer. And now, Reigan was looking pretty sexy.

Then came THE FOO.

Ol’ Red suddenly turned on Dannii:

“You want to talk about over-sexualised, look what YOU’RE wearing.”

Woah, Foo.

Foo then pointed at Dannii’s white dress. “This is see-through, and let’s get real,” said the I’m Sexy And I Know It singer (who incidentally was not wearing a shirt).

Dannii handled things well. She took off her dress and choked him with it.

Not really. She was quite a lady.

Watch it. It starts out heated, and gets Foo-ey around 40 seconds in:

 The song and the judges opinions – this is what happened just before:

Reigan’s audition and too-sexy sob story:


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