The 10 biggest red carpet moments of 2014.

The red carpet is traditionally an opportunity for the celebs of the world to say ‘Hello world, this is me, giving zero effs about what you think and being fabulous!’ while the rest of us look on and wonder if we would be game enough to show some serious nips, should the occasion call for it.

As we prepare to say good bye to 2014 and embrace a new year full of all-round awesomeness in the life department, let’s take a look back at the biggest moments on the red carpet.

1. Lena Dunham at the Emmy’s

Lena has had an incredible 2014 she proved to us all that she’s capable of kicking butt whilst still being super relatable and funny. Her Emmy’s outfit this year was certainly memorable, with some saying she nailed it, and my mother saying that it reminded her of periods. Not period, but periods, plural. Disclaimer: my Mum has absolutely no fashion background and her opinions must be taken with a grain of salt. Either way, Lena succeeded in wearing this dress with a full serving of sass.

Business on top, party on the bottom.

2. Reginald Cranston at the Emmy’s

No, I haven’t lost my mind and confused Bryan Cranston with what sounds like a cartoon character. I refer to the small, hairy creature that made his home on top of Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston’s top lip and greeted the world for the first time on the Emmy’s red carpet. His publicist has told me his name is Reginald. Yes, she is also confused as to why Bryan allowed Reginald to set up shop on his face, but she told me the pair were happy with the arrangement. PS: you know you’re successful when the world freaks out about your mo’. Kudos to you, Cranston/s.


Don’t worry, we’re all confused.

 3. Miley Cyrus in the aftermath of the ‘2014 duct tape battle’

Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And that means using anything you can to secure your ladylumps. In this case, it appears Miley went for duct tape, which is both a versatile and supportive material. That being said, her attitude is off the charts and thus allows her to pull of just about anything. I can’t help but think that in her shoes I would have been in the midst of a grade 4 boob crisis with a nip slip on the side.

Miley’s smouldering eyes remind us that she basically invented #swag

 4. Will Smith goes ‘fight club’ up in here

Don’t mess with the Smith. Seriously. Whilst on the red carpet for the premiere of Men In Black III, a reporter took a step too far and tried to plant a fat one on Will’s face. As can be expected by anyone who has just had a COMPLETE RANDOM invade their personal space in the most upfront and somewhat inappropriate way possible, Mr Smith flipped his proverbial lid and slapped the reporter. I certainly don’t condone violence, but I also think I would be quite alarmed if someone I’d never met tried to kiss me, and would probably flail my limbs forcefully.

An artistic representation of what Will’s face may have looked like post kiss.


5. Geoffrey Edelstein proposes to Gabi Grecko

Let’s hear it for love, people! In a publicity stunt move that shocked us all, Geoffrey Edelstein proposed to girlfriend Gabi Grecko on the red carpet at the Melbourne cup with a pear shaped diamond ring, in front of reporters. Shortly afterwards, the pair were boogying up a storm when they promptly LOST THE RING. Because #clumsy. But don’t worry, they found it. Gabi was relieved, noting:

“I was freaked out … it’s like when you get a new iPhone and you lose it — it was worse than that.”

Gabi’s 2015 is set to include marriage and a continuance of her strong eyebrow game.

6. Rihanna shines bright like a diamond

Rihanna was honoured with the Style Icon award at this year’s CFDA’s (Council of Fashion Designers of America). In other words, she was officially recognised as being so fabulous that she has the ability to make us rethink fashion every six weeks when she changes her ‘do. She celebrated this achievement by wearing what can only be described as a veil covered in glitter that concealed her vajay and little else. Whether or not you agree with her outfit choice, or lack thereof, she pretty much broke the internet, and going sans bra and spanx, Rihanna was probably so comfortable that every other celebrity wearing a super-maxi-dream-wonder-fantabulous bra was hating.

Rihanna’s Mum told her to pack the fur in case she got cold.

7. Weird painted people at the ARIA’s

Basically, a bunch of models painted in crazy colours rocked up to the ARIA’s with stickers on their nips and ‘Get 808’ written on their tummies. When asked who they were, what they were doing and whether or not they were cold, the conversation went as follows:


It turned out that this was all part of MTV’s promotion for their new 808 channel. Because nothing says ‘successful media stunt’ like super vague responses and nip stickers. Well played, MTV. Well played. (Actually, I still don’t get it).

 8. J-Law in Dior

Usually, whenever Jennifer Lawrence turns up on a red carpet, without even trying she manages to be #flawless, whilst spewing out quote-worthing comments. However, according to the masses, she made a mistake choosing this Dior gown for the 2014 Golden Globes. In true internet fashion, people quickly went to far too much effort to replicate her choice, the most popular material used being puffy doonas. This writer thinks that J-Law can do no wrong, but the internet has spoken. Regardless, her outfit choice makes her worthy of the 2014 Red Carpet top 10.


Come on guys, it’s J-Law, she’s fab, right…?

You’ve won this round, MTV.

 9. Kirsten Dunst proves she’s the bomb

At this year’s Met Gala, Kirsten Dunst said ‘screw you’ to fashion trends, and instead made a move that filled us all with the force. She wore a star wars dress. I repeat. There is a dress featuring the Death Star that exists outside of fan fiction, and Kirsten Dunst wore it. SW fans unite!


We’re still angry at the empire, though.

10. Errybody getting crotch hugged

 Apparently Hollywood was having a severe shortage of personal space this year. Ukrainian photographer Vitalii Sediuk decided the only way to get noticed these days is to aim for a money shot, and that he did- by getting up close and personal with both Leo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper. Both stars looked reasonably confused, but were good sports and were only mildly forceful when pushing Sediuk away from their gonads. Congrads, Vitalii, you’ve won the award for this year’s weirdest and most uncalled for red carpet moment. Secretly, you fulfilled the wishes on thousands who would also like to get up close and personal with the aforementioned super fine celebs.

Helpful graphics, in case you weren’t sure of the whereabouts of Leo’s/Bradley’s crotch

That concludes the 10 biggest red carpet moments of 2014! Now, if someone can just find me a dress featuring Jabba the Hut’s face and some nip stickers, I’ll be one step closer to stardom.

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