ROADTEST: "I used this $149 moisturiser for 3 weeks that promises instant firming results. Here’s exactly what it did."

Synergie Skin
Thanks to our brand partner, Synergie Skin

Let’s admit it – many of us Youbies want youthful-looking skin.    

You know what I mean: skin that’s supple, plumper and overall looks as healthy as possible. And with skincare launches happening every day, that shouldn’t be so tricky to find some products that can lend a hand, right? (You’d think.)

Turns out it’s… tricky. Not all anti-ageing products and ingredient combinations are made equal, and as someone who spends their life (personal, work and otherwise!) trialling, reviewing and researching skincare, I’ve worked my way through my fair share of skincare picks that haven’t quite lived up to their marketing hype. 

So, when I saw one of my ol’ faithfuls, Synergie Skin, had reformulated one of their hero products the ReClaim Moisturiser, I was intrigued. It’s the brand’s best-selling anti-ageing moisturiser (which is vegan and safe for pregnancy!), with its potent ingredients promising instant firming results. 

The all new Synergie Skin ReClaim Moisturiser. Exciting times. Image: Supplied.


I loved their original ReClaim Moisturiser, and definitely have plenty of experience with actives, so now with an enhanced formula… it got me thinking. 

Could it actually be better than the OG? 

What’s this marine biotechnology and Lapacho bark 'tree of life' active all about?

Does this product still live up to its claims of basically being a ‘facelift in a jar’?

I didn’t know, but I was going to find out. Before we get into my review, let’s break down what's changed in the new formula:

• Collagen Enhancement Complex has now been replaced by Lapacho bark extract, with cutting edge telomere preserving technology.

• Alteromonas has been replaced by EPS 3, a new marine-derived firming ingredient that forms a natural film over the skin. It's the ingredient responsible for that instant firming, lifting and volumising result! 

• ReClaim's new formula still contains the hyaluronic acid we know and love, and now it's boosted with an additional advanced peptide that stimulates your skin’s own collagen and hyaluronic acid production from deeper within.


What exactly is Lapacho bark extract? (You’re not alone, we were all thinking it!) 

It’s found in trees that grow in Central and South America. For the beauty science nerds, it’s officially called Tabebuia Impetiginosa Bark Extract, but otherwise colloquially known as the ‘tree of life’. When extracted it works on a chromosomal level to shorten telomeres – so in everyday terms, it helps to extend the lifespan of ageing cells.

So very much considered a drawcard when this active is popped into our skincare routine. 

The founder of Synergie Skin is qualified Cosmetic Chemist Terri Vinson (we love a lady startup!), who actually began further research into Lapacho bark extract for skincare, which then led to more clinical trials on the ingredient. 

The new formula has all the ingredients we know and love from the OG, but with the addition of three per cent Lapacho bark extract! Image: Supplied. 


In a recent study of 30 female participants using Lapacho bark extract on their faces, the results showed that the depth of crow’s feet wrinkles decreased by a significant 21.6 per cent, skin brightness increased 24.4 per cent, and moisturisation increased by 17.9 per cent. 

Pretty amazing results, so I was pretty excited to get the new formula on my face! 

I have to note the packaging is still super luxe, a round jar tub with a squeeze-based dispenser. The consistency of the cream is beautiful too; it’s still high in occlusives, which makes it a richer texture. And the scent is reminiscent of a newborn baby, which personally I LOVE (handy to be aware of if you like to note the scent in your moisturisers before getting your hands on!).

Listen to You Beauty, Mamamia's podcast for your face. In this episode, host Shazzy speaks to Terri Vinson on which facial oils are right for your skin type. Post continues after audio.

I only needed to apply one pump from the product for my face and neck, and found it melted into the skin quite quickly and beautifully. I used in morning and night for 3 weeks, and applied it in the step after my serums in the evening, and before my SPF in my morning routine.


My final verdict?

I can absolutely say this is better than the previous formula. I think I’m a bit in love! Over the last few weeks, my skin has gone through ups and downs from using too many actives to hormonal breakouts. But throughout the flare ups, I would apply a good dollop of this cream as my final step. 

And after applying consistently, I actually noticed 3 things.

My skin instantly glowed. (It might sound exaggerated, but it just… did.) See photos as my official evidence!

Within a few minutes my skin appeared plumper and firmer.

The morning after I would use it, the irritation and redness from the evening before had subsided.

My skin instantly glowed! Image: Supplied. 


As for whether it’s a ‘facelift in a jar’…time is yet to tell! I’ve found that when it comes to new skincare, my face needs at least 6 weeks with regular use of the product before I can see more definitive results, and cellular turnover. So I’m sticking with this skincare beauty to see what results come my way! 

Do I think it’s worth adding into your own skincare rotation? Absolutely. Especially as the weather begins to cool, the blend of ingredients will ensure that your face stays hydrated and nourished. Plus, this moisturiser is recommended to help dry/dehydrated skin thrive.

If I may be so bold to say, this is easily my new GOAT. 

It has so many things going for it: it’s Aussie made, created by a female-founded business, delivers actual results from quality ingredients (Lapacho bark extract, looking at you), aesthetic packaging, and (importantly for me personally!), doesn’t leave my face oily. 

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Feature image: Supplied/Mamamia. 

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