The reassuring thing about the Reclaim Australia rallies is their size.

And they are easily outnumbered.

Yesterday, around 500 “protesters” descended on the Melton Civic Centre in Melbourne.

The (mostly) men from the extreme right-wing group Reclaim Australia represented Victoria’s contribution to anti-Islam protests going on around the country.

Theirs was the largest of the protests and they were outnumbered two-to-one by pro-diversity advocates.

Two to one.

Armed with Australian flags, nonsensical placards and an unhealthy dose of bigotry, Reclaim Australia faced off against the No Room for Racism group (separated by a strong police presence) and were defeated, seemingly with ease.

Image via No Room for Racism Facebook.

Similar protests in other Australian cities were also dismantled by counter-protesters.

In Brisbane, racist speeches were drowned out by chants like “Muslims are welcome, racists are not”.

The Sydney arm of the protest, which was held at Martin Place, featured a small sample of the group who gathered to hold two minutes’ silence for victims of terrorism worldwide.

It was broken up from within by calls of “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie”.

Anyone remaining unconvinced of Reclaim Australia’s ineptitude needs only look to the mission statement on their website, which, like many of their slogans, is grammatically flawed, if not ideologically so:

Australia is a nation of many people groups with the majority being caucasian and Christian. We have successfully embraced multi-ethnicity for decades…Yet, all of a sudden we have to make all these changes to the way we do “Australian” in order to cater to an minority who refuse to integrate anyway.

If Islam can’t cope with how we do “Australian” well then perhaps Islam needs to move along to somewhere where they are not so offended by the locals.

No less than eight protesters were charged for the way they tried to do “Australian” yesterday, including six in Melton, one of them for punching a police horse.

Below is a video of one Reclaim Australia man jumping in on a piece to camera by a rather peeved journalist, who was reporting from the rally in Melton.

In case you didn’t catch it, he yelled: “F**k her right in the pu**y.”

Although they may possess more Australian flags than one of Tony Abbott’s press conferences, the group is small and they are outnumbered.

“If there hadn’t been opposing rallies, they might be a proper big movement by now,” No Room for Racism’s Chris Dite told Mamamia. “But we’ve sort of backed them into a bit of a corner.”

Let’s hope they stay there.