If you love RecipeTin Eats, here are 9 other cooks to follow on Instagram.

As a child of Pakistani immigrants, I take food extremely seriously. So seriously in fact, that six years ago a friend of mine told me the only spices she has in her pantry are salt, pepper and garlic powder and I still think about it to this day.

Ever since I moved out of my family home, I've been forced to feed myself and can sadly, no longer rely on my mum's delicious cooking to sustain me. But as someone who had never cooked in her life, I had to turn to the internet to find recipes that not only satisfied my cravings but were easy to make.

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Five years on, I'm proud to say that I'm a pretty strong cook. Not only because I enjoy it, but because my mum would be forever disappointed in me if I wasn't. 

However, credit goes to all the food bloggers and chefs that I follow on social media. I enjoy diversity in life and in food, which is why I've always loved RecipeTin Eats. Her meals are newbie-proof yet still pack a punch and I've always appreciated how simple her recipes are to follow.

But I have a number of go-to cooks (nine in fact) who I turn to when I'm trying to think of what to make for dinner.


These creators have never let me down, because let's be honest, there's nothing more devastating than trying out a new recipe only for it to fall completely flat. 

From creators who specialise in Middle Eastern cuisine to those who enjoy creating restaurant remakes, here are my favourite alternatives to RecipeTin Eats.

Taghrid Ahmad, @mamaghanouj_kitchen.

If you're a fan of Middle Eastern food, then look no further than Mama G. Her feed is a kaleidoscope of flavourful recipes and they're surprisingly simple to make. She doesn't just specialise in Lebanese cuisine; she makes everything under the sun from pasta to dessert. Give her a follow, you (and your tastebuds) won't regret it.


Marion Grasby, @marionskitchen.

I fell in love with her on MasterChef Australia, and I'm so glad to see that Marion is still cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Her recipes are packed with spices so if you're more of a salt and pepper gal, then look away, because Marion doesn't shy away from the red chilli. 

Hajar Larbah, @moribyan


When you're in need of a fast weeknight recipe using pantry staples, Moribyan is your go-to. With over two million followers on Instagram and five million on Instagram, Cook Hajar Larbah is renowned for her delectable dishes. Her recipes are effortless and straightforward yet incredibly tasty, leaving you craving more.  

Alison Roman, @alisoneroman


I have yet to come across an Alison Roman recipe I don't like. The American food writer and chef is best known for her viral recipes (if you haven't tried her famous shallot pasta then you need to get on it). Her food is easy to follow with minimal ingredients, and that's why everyone loves her.

Karina Carrel, @cafedelites.


Cafe Delites is the first site I check when I want a hearty meal. Karina Carrel doesn't take any shortcuts when it comes to her food, so if you're looking for 20-minute recipes, look away now. But if you don't mind spending a few hours in the kitchen, then you should know that there hasn't been a single dish of hers that hasn't been worth it. 

Michael Finch, @michaelfinch


You may recognise Michael from his beauty guru days, but he's decided to go down a different path in recent years and show off his cooking skills instead. The Aussie content creator is hilarious, blunt and makes cracking meals so give him a follow if you aren't already. 

Adam Liaw, @adamliaw.

Another MasterChef Australia alum, except this time, we're learning directly from a winner of the show. Adam Liaw won the second season of the reality show and has since been devoted to sharing delicious recipes and showcasing flavourful food. But be warned, if you're hungry, his Instagram is going to make your mouth water even further. 


Ahmad Alzahabi, @thegoldenbalance

Ahmad Alzahabi is only 27 years old, yet he's made a name for himself with his quick TikTok food videos. From chicken sliders to jollof rice, you'll be hard-pressed to find something Ahmad hasn't cooked. His videos are a great source of entertainment too if you're looking to have a giggle.


Sadaf, @myculinaryfiles.

And lastly, I couldn't have a food blogger roundup without taking it back to my roots. My Culinary Files otherwise known as Sadaf shares Pakistani recipes that immediately transport me back to my mum's kitchen. If you're wanting to try your hand at South Asian cooking, then check her out.

Feature Image: Instagram @marionskitchen/@moribyan.

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