Rebel Wilson responds to allegations her Vogue Australia cover was heavily photoshopped.

Australian actress Rebel Wilson had a dream come true this week as she became a Vogue Australia cover girl for the June issue. She proudly tweeted a photo of the cover, but as is often the case with social media, some people who saw it decided to advise her that it was problematic, because, according to them, the star had been heavily photoshopped.

Wilson, pleased with how she appeared in the photo (and rightly so) happily shared the images on Twitter, writing that the photoshoot was an “amazing experience” she never expected to have, but was so grateful that she did.


Almost immediately, social media users accused the actor of appearing differently to her usual self. They questioned whether the photos had been photoshopped to make Wilson appear slimmer than she is in real life.


Some commenters seemed to be disappointed that Wilson, who has won fans all over the world for her unapologetic take on positive body image, seemed to be conforming to the standards which she has always rebelled against.


Eventually, the actress intervened to defend herself in the best way possible; by tweeting the original photos from the shoot:

Wilson explained her different shape by tweeting that she “ate healthy and exercised for the month before the shoot” but then “immediately after ate brownies”.

She also shared screenshots of original pictures from the photo shoot on her Instagram story, explaining that the photos had been edited slightly, but certainly not as extensively as was implied. Wilson said they were “basically the same” as the photos that were eventually published.


We think Wilson looks amazing in every photo.