"It was devastating." Rebel Wilson speaks about court battle against mag giant.

After winning a defamation case against the publisher of Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine, actress Rebel Wilson has opened up on the toll it took on her career.

Speaking to Channel 7’s Sunday Night program, the star of Pitch Perfect and Bachelorette said the magazine’s claims that she was a serial liar nearly destroyed a career she had spent 17 years building.

“People were calling me a liar and a fake and for someone like me who prides herself on being very candid and authentic, it was probably the most devastating thing they could have said to me,” Wilson said, in her first major interview since winning the defamation case.

rebel wilson sunday night
Image via Channel 7.

In a series of articles in 2015, Bauer titles Woman's Day, The Australian Women's Weekly, NW and OK! Magazine claimed the 37-year-old had lied about her age, her family life and even her name.

"These people just sat in their offices in Australia and went, 'She's super popular, we're going to bring her down and write whatever we want about her'," Rebel told Sunday Night's Melissa Doyle.


"They don't think of the consequences.

"Yes, I'm an actress and I'm in the public eye but I'm a human being who worked really, really hard to get to that point. To have it all taken away was just malicious and it was ugly."

In September, Wilson was to be awarded $4.5 million in damages, which she planned to donate to charities for Christmas. However Bauer has since lodged an appeal against the court decision.

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Rebel said the articles seriously damaged the career she had worked so hard to build, saying that film offers that were already on the table started to disappear and decline.

"Doors that were open just shut and I got fired from two family movies that I'd already completed, which was probably my lowest point," she said.

For someone who had moved to Los Angeles with "just one suitcase, a pillow and a doona", the articles were devastating.

"These people have no idea how brutally hard it is to make it over there, especially being someone like me who's not a glamour actress," she said.

"I've done it all through just hard work and my own talent and imagination."

The actress - who is set to return to screens soon in Pitch Perfect 3 - said she thought it was "gross" that Bauer Media was still fighting to keep the $4.56 million payout.

"They are whining about the amount they are going to have to pay me and try and get it reduced, which is really gross considering I am giving the money to charity," she said.

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