Rebel Wilson says she is receiving death threats.

Rebel Wilson is officially enemy number one of Harry Styles fans, after she got a little bit too close to him on an episode of Ellen. 

Now, they’re issuing her with death threat.

She revealed in Friday’s episode of the show that since her last appearance, she has been “accused of sexually assaulting harry Styles”.

“The little girls, I think they’re about 12, [were] very, very unhappy with that.”

Watch Rebel Wilson talk about receiving death threats. (Post continues after video)

But in true Rebel Wilson style, she perfectly nailed the delusion that is Harry Styles’ fans.

“Like, they love them, and think they’re going to be with them, and I’m like, ‘Well, but you guys never, like, are with them,’” she said.

But, she put his fans’ minds at ease, saying that “there was no like direction, you know, there was nothing going on there.”

She and Ellen later played a round of ‘Who’d You Rather?’ in which she was asked to pick between Styles and Bieber.  Her choice?

“Both have felt my womanliness. I’m just going to say Justin because he’s, location-wise, closer.”

Harry Styles fans, you have nothing to worry about.

When it boils down to it, Rebel is in no way standing in your way. For Beliebers on the other hand, you may need to reconsider your chances with him now that Rebel is single and ready to mingle.

Check out Rebel’s offence: