Rebel Wilson is on the cover of Glamour. But we're not happy about it.

1. Rebel Wilson is on the cover of UK Glamour.

And she looks FABULOUS. She tweeted this photo last night:

But. Why is it, that on the rare occasions magazines decide to use bigger girls on their covers, they only ever use a close up of their faces? What would be so wrong with a full body shot?

The same thing happens with singer Adele:

Adele on the cover of Vogue and Rebel’s Glamour cover.

Does it bother you that this is the only way the mags will depict bigger women? Although… Maybe it’s just a step forward that women like this are making it in to the covers at all?

2. Imagine if a celebrity crashed your wedding. Sounds like a fantasy, but it’s more common than you think. You won’t believe who’s done it this time (hint: the bride thought he was an impersonator until he started dancing!).

This week’s US Weekly cover.

3. Jennifer Love Hewitt: Pregnant and…


Yesterday we reported that J Love announced she is expecting her first child with The Client List co-star Brian Hallisay. Today, she is on the cover of US Weekly telling the world that the pair are also engaged. Those mags sure are quick to jump on a story. It’s almost like she planned the whole baby announcement to coincide with a tablois cover and big bucks for her story. Only in celeb land…


4. You will never guess (in a million years!) which A-list actress is playing Elizabeth Taylor in a new TV movie (above). Click here to find out.

5. How long until people start talking about this?

Gisele Bundchen is on the cover of Vogue Italia this month, and in an attempt at ‘satire’, a video accompanies the shoot in which she is lavished in all the latest beauty treatments. You know – manis, pedis, blood facials – just the usual.

Problem is, Vogue aren’t exactly the people you go to for cutting edge comedy, and the video ends up coming across a little… serious. Like they don’t quite know how to do FASHION unless it’s very important, but they’ve really given it a go: by making all the staff pampering Gisele like a queen while she dismissively looks at her phone women of Asian descent. But, um, JOKES! It’s a parody people! Because in real life all Asian women are manicurists, amiright?

Oh, Vogue.


Take a look at the video, called LUXURY (those capitals aren’t a joke) here:


6. Oooo-er Brad Pitt’s been quizzed about what he got Angelina Jolie for her birthday and it’s pretty saucy. Details here.

Naomi. Don’t cross her.

7. Don’t cross Naomi Campbell. REPEAT: Do NOT cross Naomi Campbell.

She may not get violent anymore, but the woman certainly knows how to get her own back when someone pisses her off.

Campbell was recently a mentor on US television show The Face (basically Naomi’s version of Next Top Model). Her top contestant was Luo Zilin, a former Miss China, who ended up coming second on the show. She was signed to one of New York’s top modelling agencies and everything looked to be hunky dory… until she was spotted making out with Naomi Campbell’s billionaire ex-boyfriend on the beach.

Do not make out with Naomi Campbell’s billionaire ex-boyfriend.

Luo’s modelling contract was immediately terminated, with the president of the conpany releasing this statement: “Zi Lin’s contract with MIX Model Management NYC was terminated last week due to ongoing unprofessional conduct and unacceptable work ethic.”

Better than getting a mobile phone hurled at your face?

8. Wow, these celebrity lookalike daughters are amazing. Click here to check out how much Cindy Crawford, Reese Witherspoon, Heather Locklear and more resemble their offspring.

Lindsey Vonn and the dress she had to pee in…

9. Which celeb was forced to give a mandatory urine test at the CFDA awards?

Dressed in a lavish ball gown is not exactly the time you want to be peeing in a little cup.

But that’s what Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods’ new girlfriend and Winter Olympian, had to do on fashion’s big night.

Apparently the international Olympic Committee’s drug testers can demand a mandatory urine test anywhere, anytime. And either someone has a crappy sense of humour or someone didn’t get how difficult it is to pee in a ball gown (let alone into a cup), because Lindsey got the the call while she was at the event and had to hightail it to the toilets to do her business.

The test took about five minutes and in case you were wondering… she passed.