Rebecca Maddern shouldn't have to defend last night's outfit on the AFL Footy Show.

Two months after becoming the first female co-host of Channel Nine’s AFL Footy Show, Rebecca Maddern is still stealing the spotlight.

Ratings are at a six-year high and naysayers have realised that yes, Maddern is just as passionate and capable of talking about footy as any man (sigh).

Yet last night it wasn’t Maddern’s brilliant discussion people were captivated by. It was her dress.

The #9AFLFootyShow Rat Pack!

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Maddern looked fabulous in a black, off-the-shoulder Misha Collection (the Bella Hadid Fashion Week-approved Aussie label) dress. The rest of the panel also scrubbed up in their black-tie best.

But viewers on could only focus on one thing – and it wasn’t those fab flared bell sleeves – it was a tiny seam around her bust-line.

  Just a sample... Image: Twitter/@RebeccaMaddern9

Maddern took to Twitter to school and reassure a few quite sleazy curious home viewers that no, she didn't have a nipple piercing, nor was the air-con on. It was just a seam on her dress that became more visible with certain movements.

Yes, the Nipple Patrol were out in full force.


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Ridiculous doesn't quite cover the whole situation. It's disappointing that in 2016 such attention and 'controversy' still results from a woman's outfit.

Rebecca Maddern should not have to explain herself to an army of men calling her a "#milf" and questioning her outfit. (Post continues after gallery.)

Sadly, this is a dialogue we see all too often. There's a certain obsession with picking apart and assessing the females we see on our TV screens. Last year, to make this point, Karl Stefanovic wore the same suit on the Today show for a whole year. No one even noticed.

His co-host Lisa Wilkinson, however? Her appearance, hair and clothing were commented on and critiqued on a daily basis.

Of course, in this situation, Maddern responded to her comments with good humour and class. But the whole saga begs the question: why are we still judging women solely on their appearance?

Image: Instagram/@rebeccamaddern.

What do you think of the situation?