Rebecca Maddern performed a dance on The AFL Footy Show. She has moves we've never seen before.

I’m going to be totally honest with you: there’s only one thing that could possibly convince me to watch the AFL Footy Show.

And yes, it just happens to be Rebecca Maddern absolutely crushing a lip-sync performance of Salt N Pepa’s Push It.

Anyone who watched the Grand Final special of the popular sporting program last night couldn’t possibly deny that the show’s co-host outshone her male counterparts, and many of the players who will appearing in tomorrow’s Grand Final themselves, when she performed during the show’s Player Revue segment.

The first female to regularly appear on the show, Maddern pulled off some particularly sexy moves alongside professional back-up dancers. And the best part? She had the absolute time of her life doing it.

We’re not alone: social media lit up in response to her performance.



So, Rebecca Maddern, you most definitely showed “the guys that you know how to become number one in a hot party show”.