Rebecca Judd finally reveals her secrets of how she keeps fit during pregnancy with twins.

TV presenter and model Rebecca Judd is due to give birth any day now to a set of identical twin boys, taking her young family from four to six. She’s currently 29 weeks along, and expects her babies to arrive somewhere between now and the 34 week mark.

As a mum already to two-year-old Billie and five-year-old Oscar, Judd has had her fair share of experience when it comes to pregnancy. Now on maternity leave, the 33-year-old has shared three simple tips for staying fit and healthy during pregnancy on her popular blog, Rebecca Judd Loves.

Her advice is refreshingly straightforward and accessible. She doesn’t aim to shame women for their behaviour during pregnancy, and she doesn’t claim to be a health expert. She just shares some basic rules she trusts.

1. Exercise classes tailored for pregnancy.

Judd says she tries to stay fit and toned by participating in “Great Expectations exercise classes and clinical pilates.” Speaking to Mamamia recently about her pregnancy, she said the classes are designed to be safe for pregnant women. On her blog she writes, “These classes are….guided by a women’s health physiotherapist but best of all, you may even be able to claim them if you have private health insurance.”

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She chooses to go twice a week, but encourages women to “check with your Obstetrician before signing up.”


2. Fibre.

According to the mum-of-two, one of the keys to a healthy pregnancy is “fibre, fibre, fibre!”

Judd says “Increased progesterone levels in pregnancy really slow down your digestive system leaving you feeling extra bloated and sluggish.”

Her tip? Metamucil. Apparently while she’s pregnant, she’s a complete Metamucil addict.

She adds it to her smoothies in the morning, “with a teaspoon of chia for an extra fibre hit.”

In addition to making sure she’s getting plenty of fibre, Judd makes sure to increase her water, fresh fruit and muesli intake.

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3. Watch your medications.

For Rebecca Judd, one cardinal pregnancy rule is: never take medications, vitamins or supplements without speaking to your doctor first.

She says you should always check with a health care professional before taking anything.

“As mothers to be, we must be so careful not to harm our precious cargo,” she writes. “And that’s the most important thing of all.”

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