Rebecca Judd shares intimate details of the birth of her twins following a 'high risk pregnancy'.

Rebecca Judd has shared the story behind the birth of her twin boys, Tom and Darcy, in an Instagram post dedicated to her husband.

“Tom Andrew Judd and Darcy Hugh Judd arrived via emergency c-sec yesterday at 12.43pm and 12.44pm respectively at 35 weeks gestation,” Judd shared.

“They are great sizes and came out perfectly healthy- phew! Thank you to the best Obstetrician in the world, Len Kliman, and @midwifecath for looking after me during this high risk pregnancy. We are all relieved to have them here healthy.”

The babies arrived on Thursday afternoon, with Judd snapping a picture of herself with Chris and their adorable new arrivals.


“Born at lunch time today, perfectly healthy,” she wrote. “We are the luckiest parents in the world.”

Within minutes, the post attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

Want to know how Bec Judd does it? Listen to her talk about how on I Don’t Know How She Does It:

Speaking to Mamamia last month, the 33-year-old said she was expecting the boys to arrive somewhere between the 28 and 34 week mark, with twins generally likely to come a little early. But they came at 34 weeks, just shy of the average 36 weeks for women carrying twins.

The identical babies are the third and fourth children of Rebecca and Chris Judd, and will share a two-year-old sister, Billie, and a five-year-old brother, Oscar.

Heehee- they are definitely boys. Darcy on the left, Tom on the right.

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When she initially found out she was pregnant with twins, she was shocked.

On holiday in New Zealand, Rebecca and her husband, former professional AFL player Chris Judd, started thinking about having a third baby. “We weren’t even sure if we wanted a third!” she told Mamamia, laughing about how she became pregnant before she had a chance to reconsider.

But almost immediately, Rebecca knew there was something different about this pregnancy.

“There’s a test where you can find out if you’re pregnant four days before your period’s due,” she said. “And I had a hens day to go to.”

“I think it was about six days before I was due, so these are my girlfriends who love getting tequila shots…and going nuts, and I just had this feeling.

“I thought I better do a pregnancy test. I knew it was six days before hand and the test wasn’t actually sensitive enough to pick it up. But I did the whole pee on a stick thing, and the second the pregnancy line came up so strong and so fast, I was like WOW I’m pregnant!” Post continues after gallery.

For her previous pregnancies, Rebecca says it had always taken a while for the second line to emerge.

“With Billie and Oscar, I’d have to wait, I’d throw it in the bin, I’d walk back ten minutes later and grab it out of the bin to be like ‘oh, I am pregnant!'”

“This one came up so early and the test wasn’t even supposed to tell that I was pregnant. So I thought that was weird and I showed my husband…and he was like, ‘we only had sex like two days ago.'”

Rebecca couldn’t hide her excitement for the twins arrival, telling Mamamia her tips and tricks for preparing for dealing with two newborns.

Once she went on maternity leave, her plan was to “get my foils done for spring into summer because I do not know when I’m going to get in there next.”

She joked, “It’s the long term beauty treatment that will see me through the first horrific new born days which I don’t like.”

She acknowledged it would be near-impossible to do anything beauty-related when the boys arrived. “It’s so hard as a new mum. Who has got the time, really?” she said.

We’re over the moon for Rebecca and Chris Judd, and wish them well as they try to get a handle on life with two newborn twins.