Rebecca Judd says she's wearing '50 pairs of spanx' after giving birth and fans aren't impressed.

Channel Nine presenter and mum-of-four Rebecca Judd gave birth to twins Tom and Darcy just last week, and according to her Instagram, she’s already started to feel human again.

Judd, 33, shared an image of herself holding one of her sons, with the caption “Feeling semi human today, not wearing activewear or maternity clothes! Hello spring wardrobe (and 50 pairs of Spanx ????). #thisistom.’

While the overwhelming response to Judd’s photo was positive, a number of fans took issue with her message, arguing that it puts pressure on other mums to get back into shape.

Most negative comments appear to be deleted (Amen, Bec), but one follower wrote: “It’s disheartening to see most the comments are about how you look, is that really important this soon after having twins? I hope you’re well and the babies are well and that your (sic) comfortable and getting rest and have a lot of support.

“Take the Spanx off and relax, helps other women feel less pressure about being out of maternity wear and looking thin again. We’ve a responsibility to care for each other through the messages we send out. Your babies are a blessing and so is your good health.”


Another fan, however, pointed out that the Spanx might not have anything to do with how Judd looks, and everything to do with how she feels.

“She is probably wearing Spanx for support after her skin was stretched so much from being pregnant with twins nothing to do with beauty,” wrote one follower. “I know all I wanted was tight Spanx on to hold everything in after giving birth because without them it hurt.”

Besties. #melt

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As a woman in the public eye, Judd has received a great deal of attention, both positive and negative, following the birth of her identical twin boys. On a photo shared over the weekend, one follower commented, “You look very sleepy so go get some meat on your body and build up you (sic) body they need you.”


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But others have shared that they find it “refreshing to see a high profile person keep it real” after birth, sharing family photos without makeup, fake tan or a blow dry.

Indeed, she shared the first image of her holding her newborn sons just hours after giving birth, and has been candid about her high-risk pregnancy and emergency c-section.

“Tom Andrew Judd and Darcy Hugh Judd arrived via emergency c-sec yesterday at 12:43pm and 12:44pm respectively at 35 weeks gestation. They are great sizes and came out perfectly healthy- phew!” she wrote.

It seems that for the third time, Rebecca Judd is learning that when you’re a mum in the public eye, you’ll always be doing something wrong.