Rebecca Judd fights back against body-shaming bullies.

Bec Judd finally speaks out about those “too skinny” comments.

She was labelled as “too skinny” earlier this year when she posted the below bikini shot to Instagram. But model and mum of two, Rebecca Judd, is now firing back as she tell The Daily Mail that she has been thin all of her life.

The pic that Bec shared that started the body image debate.

Bec, 31, reveals that even as a child, she was “getting called skinny” when she was in primary school. “Even in school at six-years -old, seven-years-old, eight-years-old (I was) getting called skinny same as my mum when she was in school,” Bec explained.

Bec as a child (left) with her father and sister (right).

The Melbourne weather reporter went on to say that she believes she has inherited her mum's body shape, who she also explains as naturally thin, as well as her sister. “Just naturally, have a look at my mum, have a look at my sister. It's just who we are, I'm good,” Bec went on to say.

Bec with her sister earlier this year.

Bec further explained that she can eat anything and is unlikely to put on weight. The star previously told New Idea that after giving birth to her daughter Billie in April, that is was sleeping in shape wear and doing Pilates that helped her bounce back post-pregnancy - not dieting.

Bec and her daughter Billie.

In relation to comments posted on her shared bikini shot such as, “How is this nice? Way too skinny,” “Eat something. Unfollowed,” and “I would rather look the way I do now than look like this, this is so sad poor girl,” Bec says “It doesn’t worry me.”

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