"Is that a placenta?" Rebecca Judd describes the moment she found out she was having twins.

“Even talking about it gets my heart racing.”

Rebecca Judd revealed to the Today show this morning the moment she found out her and husband Chris were having twins.

“I start getting the sweats. I had no idea how I was going to deal with this,” model and television presenter, Judd told the Channel Nine team.

Judd and her former professional Aussie Rules player husband announced the pregnancy on Monday through an interview with the Herald Sun.

Judd spoke to our very own Holly Wainwright about juggling her work with having two (soon to be four) young kids. Post continues after podcast.

“For the last three months Chris and I have been happily going through life thinking there’s just a singleton in there,” Judd told the Today show.

“We did the first scan and I’d been feeling really, really sick and my obstetrician said, ‘that’s not like you’ because with Billie and Oscar I wasn’t sick at all.  He suggested it could be twins. I got up on the bed and there was just one baby in there. So shrugged it off.”

You can watch the full interview below. Post continues after video.

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Judd said it was only by chance she found out she was having twins when she popped into her doctors by herself for a routine blood test.

“The doc said while I was there I may as well pop up for another scan. And there was two [heartbeats],” Judd said.

“But the second one was kind of like a blob and I was like, ‘what is that? What is that blob? Is it a placenta?’ And the doctor said ‘No, that’s another kid’.”

The twins, due in October, will be the third and fourth children for Judd and her husband, who already have their hands busy with four-year-old son Oscar and one-year-old daughter Billie.

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