Two busy parents and four kids: here's how Rebecca Judd gets out the door in the morning.

Life for Rebecca Judd is busy at the best of times.

The mum-of-four, who gave birth to twins Tom and Darcy last September, juggles her young family with presenting Postcards and the weather on Channel 9, running her popular blog Rebecca Judd Loves, and working as a brand ambassador.

But now, the 34-year-old is entering a new phase, with her five-year-old son Oscar starting school on Tuesday. The transition is made slightly easier by the fact that he’s continuing on at the same school he attended for pre-school – so he’s already got the uniform, a group of friends, and a number of sports he plays. The “big one” this week, therefore, involves Judd’s two-year-old daughter Billie, who starts pre-school on Thursday.

We asked her what the Judd family morning routine, with two busy parents, and four kids, looks like.

“OK, so 7am, everyone wakes up,” she began.

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“Including the twins, and I give them a feed. Oscar and Billie come down, Chris is always there, so he’ll get the kids breakfast started.

“My mum’s moved in with us as well, so she’s an extra pair of hands, which is great.

“We get school lunches prepared. Look, there’s a lot of yelling, you know ‘Oscar go and get your school uniform on!’ and five minutes later, ‘I told you, go and get your school uniform on!'”

Of course, as with any household, someone is always running late.


“‘We’re running late, we’re running late! Quick!’ It’s chaotic,” Judd says. “But that’s what part of being a mum of four is, right?”

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When it comes to the school drop-off and pick-up, it depends on the day. Both Rebecca and Chris take turns, working it out around their schedules, although for Oscar’s first day of school, both parents were going to be there for the drop-off.

“He’s so ready, I’m excited for him,” Judd said of Oscar’s first day.

In preparation for school, Judd, who’s a qualified speech pathologist, has introduced both Oscar and Billie to ABC’s Reading Eggs, an online program which teaches kids to read. Judd has partnered with their Back to School campaign, saying it’s the perfect solution to “that feral time between 4.30 and dinner,” where you want to keep your kids busy.

When it comes to screen time for kids, the mum says, “you need to do your research,” emphasizing that if a program is educational and effective, it’s worth kids spending time online.

Oscar and Billie will continue to use it throughout school, she says, given that it’s aimed for kids between three and 13.

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You can read more about ABC’s Reading Eggs here, and get a four week free trial here

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