Rebecca Judd's Christmas tree is so trendy, it's not even a Christmas tree.

I want you to cast your mind back to the Christmas tree of your childhood.

It was probably plastic, bright green in colour and covered in flashing lights, shiny tinsel and an array of shaped baubles.

If you were lucky, mum and dad might have chosen a real tree, the fresh smell of which floated throughout the house.

Something like this from one of The Motherish team..

Image supplied.

Or even my tree at home... (I have a thing for green.)

Image supplied.

Ahhh, memories.

But Christmas trees have come a long way since we were kids. In fact, today the most trendy Christmas trees aren't even Christmas trees at all.

Which is why we're not surprised Rebecca Judd has chosen the trendiest of the trendy trees.

Have a look:

Image via @becjudd Instagram.

It's unique, modern and so minimalist, it doesn't even have leaves.

Judd shared the photo, which features her daughter Billie on Instagram. She captioned it with, "Time to put some presents under the tree."

Some of Judd's followers questioned whether it could be labelled a tree at all, one commenter writing, "That's not a Christmas tree that's just sticks."

But most agreed that this was the Christmas tree to have, asking where they could snap on up for themselves.

Owners of the Christmas tree of all Christmas trees, Chris and Rebecca Judd. Image via @becjudd Instagram.

"This tree is amazing," wrote a follower.

"I would certainly adopt this, unique, modern version in my home," added another.

"This is a cool tree," said another commenter.

It seems like your tree is a hit, Bec.

It might be time to start pulling off the leaves of the tree at home...

Would you go for a trendy Christmas tree like Bec's?

While we're sure Billie loves her tree, she might be more entertained with a Whoopie Cushion...

Video via Bec Judd