Rebecca Gibney opens up about her tough childhood.

Gold Logie-winner Rebecca Gibney, 50, has opened up about her traumatic childhood at the hands of her father, who she explains was an alcoholic.

Gibney spoke about her past during an interview with TV Week, whilst discussing her role in the telemovie about Peter Allen, called Not The Boy Next Door.

Gibney who plays Peter’s mother Marion, says she could relate to the character, who was physically abused by her husband Dick. “Peter’s father was an alcoholic, and Peter had quite a dysfunctional, tragic childhood,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca Gibney with her mother Shirley. Image via Instagram.

“I was able to relate to what happened to Marion and bring my own personal experience to that," she continued.

Gibney, who grew up with five siblings, believed her mother had no other choice but to stay married to her father.

“Alcoholism is a disease and I think that is why it is portrayed so well in the mini-series because you recognise that he wasn’t a bad man, it is just alcohol that did that to him and he was a tormented soul," Gibney said.

Rebecca with her son Zachary. Image via Instagram.

Earlier this year, Gibney shared a touching message to her mum for Mother's Day. "If we don't forgive, we will never grow. Just one of life's lessons that this beautiful woman taught me. It's better to be kind than right. That was another one. I am the person I am today because of her love," she wrote.

"She (Gibney's mother) has overcome a traumatic childhood, suffered terrible physical and emotional abuse and she is still the kindest most compassionate woman I know. I love you Mum."

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