"Unpopular opinion: The froyo phase has got to stop. Please."

Image: Instagram (@snogfrozenyoghurt).

I have a confession to make: I hate froyo.

I’ve tried to keep it a secret, fully aware that it’s an opinion so unpopular it’s bound to break friendships and possibly make me a total social leper. But after three separate times THIS WEEK where social occasions have revolved around the frozen dessert I just can’t hold it in anymore. Frozen Yogurt sucks.

Before the barrage of hate starts, let me assure you, I tried. After seeing so many people seduced by the quirky flavours and shiny self-serve toppings station, I wanted to join the bandwagon too. The day I did so is forever marked down in history thanks to Instagram, exactly 74 weeks ago.

While my excited face says it all about what I hoped it would deliver, the hashtag summed the final experience up – #stillanicecreamgal. Why? I’ll give you six good reasons.

The "before" pic.


1. It's expensive

In my casual observations from the sidelines, I've seen people spend almost $20 on a cup of frozen yoghurt. I could get two full tubs of gourmet ice cream for that! Despite it's misleading appearance, it's not a buffet - every tiny gram of what you put in your round cup is going to cost you.

The worst part is you'll be so carried away with the toppings you won't even realised you've just lost a whole hours pay until you hit the scales at the cashier when it's too late to go back.

(Want real healthy food? Try this green smoothie recipe. Post continues after video.)


2. It's not even that healthy

Many people cite frozen yoghurt as a "healthier" alternative to ice cream. Cramming your cup full of popcorn, chocolate chips, crushed oreos and caramel sauce? You're kidding yourself. At least with ice cream, there's no pretense - it doesn't claim to be healthy and that's why we love it. (Post continues after gallery.)

3. It's a joke.

As if anyone would actually opt for chia seeds when there are BITS OF BROWNIE to choose from! (To be honest, this is probably the main cause of #2)

4. It's deceiving.

Like biting into a cookie and finding out that the "chocolate chips" are actually raisins, frozen yoghurt is deceiving. It looks exactly like a creamy delicious soft serve, but tastes like, well, yoghurt. Minus 10 points.

Why would you chia seeds over CRUSHED OREOS? Image: supplied.

5. It's putting the tradition of summer ice-cream at risk.

With summer round the corner, the situation is about to get 10 times worse. One of the best parts is battling with a melting ice cream after a day in the pool or at the beach - now all anyone will ask is "Do you want to get froyo?". While the questions rolls off the tongue, my answer will most certainly be no-no.

6. It's ruining social occasions.

As I mentioned earlier, I've had three social occasions this week where I've sat empty handed as my companion delightedly ate their froyo. The first time was fine. The second I begain to waver. The third - I was so hungry but so adamantly against froyo that I ended up doing this:

Britt's froyo-less treat.


Yes, that is a cookie shell filled with toppings in a froyo cup WITH NO FROYO. And it still cost me nearly $5. Needless to say I got a peculiar look from the lady at the checkout.

Over a year since that first taste of froyo and I'm yet to be convinced. It's gone too far. It's time we accepted it for what it is - an overpriced and overrated poor imitation of ice cream. Give me a sundae any day.

Where do you stand on the froyo debate?