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10 reasons why winter is actually the best.

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There’s no doubt about it: the winter season gets a bad rap thanks to all those shorter days and cooler mornings.

But you know what? It’s time for that to change. Winter may not be the season for balmy nights at the beach and outdoor barbecues (unless you’re really brave), but that doesn’t mean you need to spend three months lying low and lamenting that morning fog.

Instead, the winter season is more about the simple things. Getting back to basics. Basking in the uncomplicated. Winter means more time indoors, more time for low-key catch-ups with family and friends and finding solace, and joy, in the small things. Like these things…

1. Sitting around the open fire.

There’s something so simple and intimate about an open fire at wintertime with family. The setting is so cosy, the atmosphere so intimate and the environment is so inviting. It’s probably no surprise the open fire can be the cause and catalyst for some of the most interesting conversations you’ve had all year with family.

2. Sunday roasts.

Although the times are changing and technology is keeping us connected like never before, there are some things that don’t change. Whether you’re taking the kids to grandma’s for a Sunday roast, or having the grandparents over for your own Sunday roast, Sundays still reign supreme as family day.

And there’s still no better way to spend a cold Sunday than with a warm lunch or dinner, surrounded by those you love.

Nothing like a roast in winter. Image: iStock.

3. ...or any other winter foods.

Wintertime is also absolutely time for comfort food. Think warm, melted butter on thick, freshly baked bread, hearty soups that warm the heart, home-style favourites like roast potatoes or family favourites like big bowls of pasta – comfort foods are specific to the colder months and prove happiness absolutely can be found on a plate.

Also two words: Slow cooker.

4. Staying indoors.

Think of all those times you’ve been desperate to stay indoors, sit in front of the television and down a few cups of tea. And then think of all those times you’ve looked outside, seen the sun shining and been wracked with guilt about the fact you’re not enjoying the beautiful weather like you should be.


That guilt doesn’t exist in winter. There’s no guilt about staying in on a rainy Friday night and jumping under the covers. There’s no guilt about not leaving the house.

Fluffy socks and movies suddenly become an ideal Saturday night. Image: iStock.

5. Winter woollies.

Winter layers are well underrated. Big scarves, heavy coats and woolly jumpers are the easiest ways to keep cosy and warm and find joy in the simple ability to brave that fresh, icy cold.

6. No more sweat (or sunburn, for that matter).

Yep, we can say goodbye to sweaty hugs, clammy handshakes and sunburnt shoulders in the colder months. Exercise, for one, becomes easier, because we’re not sweating bullets or turning into tomatoes the minute we break into a run. And that’s something we can get behind.

7. Watching, playing or enjoying sport.

There’s little doubt that winter is all about sport. Love it or hate it, play it or watch it, so many of our winter months in Australia are defined by the sport that plays out.

Of course, there’s the the professional kind, where we spend our weekends bonding with friends while cheering it on. And then there's the not-so-professional kind: The kids’ sport. The kind of sport we brace the chilly Saturday mornings for and enjoy for the simple kick we get from watching the kids have fun.

Oh, and for the socialising too.

Kid's sport is one of the best things about winter! Image: iStock.

8. Sleeping better.

As we head into the cooler months, most are carrying what are almost certainly heat- hangovers. You know the ones: the restless nights enveloped in sticky heat where you don’t sleep well, lose half your body weight in sweat and complete a weeks worth of exercise just turning and rolling.

Winter is all about sleeping better. And long, deep sleeps at that, where you can wear as many layers as you want with as many blankets as you’d like.

9. Not shaving.

The relief. Now that winter is here it means we can bid a firm farewell to any clothing that falls above the knee, and give a warm welcome back to our old friends jeans and trackie pants. And you know what welcoming back pants means, right? No more shaving of the legs. Rejoice.

10. Cuddling.

You can certainly welcome cuddling back into your daily activities as soon as winter hits. Remember the days it was possible to spoon without being flushed with heat? These are just around the corner. Here's to the mercury dropping sometime soon.

Ah, it's the simple things in life.

Cuddles are more special in the colder months. Image: iStock.

What is your favourite thing about winter?

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