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17 reasons being single is awesome (besides having a Beyonce song dedicated to you).

Every relationship status comes with pros and cons, and being single is no different.

Certainly, flying solo has some downsides – especially at this time of year when your coupled-up mates are busy planning romantic beach holidays for two and having automatic plus ones for Christmas parties.

Then again, being a ‘lone wolf’ is also quite excellent. But just in case you need to be reminded of this, I hereby present 17 of the most positive things about being single – not including having a Beyonce song dedicated to you. (Now put your hands up…).

1. You have one less Christmas present to buy right now.

It’s time – and cash – consuming enough trying to chase down meaningful gifts for the existing significant people in your life. Also, if you’re into men, remind yourself that buying gifts for guys is notoriously difficult. Nobody needs that extra pressure at this time of year. Nobody.

2. You don’t have to share your dessert.

It takes a really good relationship to come between a woman and her brownie/apple pie/cronut.

Just as an FYI, this post is sponsored by Sara Lee. But all opinions are 100% authentic and written in the authors own words. 

3. You can sleep diagonally in your double bed.

The idea of sleeping next to someone is romantic in theory… but the reality is more like a passive-aggressive fight for territory. It’s not possible for two people to comfortably starfish in a regular double bed.

Being single means never having to sleep with your cheek flat against a cold, hard wall – unless that’s your preferred position, in which case, you go right ahead.

On a similar note:

4. You can have that blanket all to your damn self.

No need to fight a significant other – one who is potentially much larger/heavier than you – for the warm caress of your doona.

5. Unencumbered wardrobe (and/or bathroom drawer) space.


Your clothes are free to hang and drape as they – and you – please.

Although, not all couples live together, so for that reason I present point 5b: not having to schlep between two houses. This process can be incredibly frustrating and, depending how far apart you live, expensive/time consuming.

6. You don’t find your shampoo/body wash/toothpaste depleting mysteriously.

Although, if you have housemates… maybe you do.

7. Less arguments over your TV-watching schedule.

Sport vs Survivor showdowns? No thank you.

8. Doing all your weird (and maybe a bit gross) solo behaviours without having to answer questions.

No word of a lie, I spent last Saturday evening home alone, steaming my clothes with a clay mask on my face. Some things are best done without company.

9. Waking up when your body – and your body alone – is ready to.

Snooze away, single friends, smug in the knowledge that some poor sods are being woken up against their will by partners who hit the gym at ungodly hours, snore loudly, or genuinely love being awake before 6am.

10. No need to compromise on music choice.

Admit it: it’s pretty brilliant having free reign over your home/car/house-cleaning playlist, without having to pretend you like someone else’s tunes more than you really do.

11. Only having one social calendar to work around.

Seriously. It’s difficult enough to Tetris your social life around your own work/gym/family/life admin commitments, let alone those of a second party.

12. Dating.

Dating is, at best, exciting, fun and full of surprises – and at worst, a funny story to share with your mates over gin and tonics. All dates are funny eventually, promise.


13. Viva la floordrobe.

It’s easier to get away with your… well, let’s call it your ‘curated chaos’ when you’re the only one who has to live in it.

14. Free time ahoy.

Having time to yourself to do all manner of weird, wonderful and perfectly mundane things (eg rearranging your bookshelf in order of spine colour…) is nothing to be sneezed at; and it can be hard to come by when you’re in a relationship.

15. Staying out as long as you please.

Or, if you’re more of a Cinderella type, not having to wait for your party animal other half to get bored of doing shots when all you want to do is take off your shoes and crawl into bed, preferably before midnight. Ahhh. Heaven.

16. Cooking for one.

Cooking for one can be a pain. For instance: why is it so hard to buy single cobs of corn? But it’s also comforting to know that if something goes wrong, you’re the only one who’s going to face the consequences. And by that I mean… give up and pour yourself a bowl of cereal instead.

17. There’s one less person likely to stumble on your embarrassing Google Search history/secret collection of selfies.


Stop what you’re doing and listen carefully. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of single people all over the world breathing a quiet sigh of relief that they don’t have a love interest regularly borrowing their laptop or phone. It’s like a treasure chest of shame just waiting to be discovered.

Are you single? Whats your favourite secret single behavior?

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