Apparently, these women are pregnant. So here's a reminder of what non-pregnant tummies actually look like.

Last week, former Today Show presenter Sylvia Jeffries became the latest female celebrity accused by tabloid media of being pregnant.

She… was not. She did, however, appreciate the reminder to wear shape wear for all public outings just in case a roll or curve should ever slip out.

Days before, it was Miley Cyrus who was pregnant with her first child.

Because all relationships follow the same linear pattern – engagement, marriage, baby, in that order – clearly the singer who married Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth over Christmas must be pregnant. She must.

But nah. She wasn’t and isn’t, and would love it if we could all leave her and her eggs alone.


Same goes for newlywed fashion designer Jasmine Yarbrough.

Now that she and former Today Show host Karl Styefanovic are officially married, her womb is fair game, no?

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Former Bachelor contestant Tara Pavlovic’s womb has also been up for debate after the nanny from Queensland posted a photo of herself at a friend’s baby shower ‘cradling’ her stomach. The photo was since deleted, probably because Pavlovic forgot she’s not a normal person and she can’t share post-Maccas binge photos as a joke like the rest of us without being accused of being with child.

Ugh. Hate when you do that.

Georgia Love is another former Bachelorette alum who’s had to defend her uterus’ status – the Network Ten journalist has unfortunately had to do so more times than any woman should. But hey, we should all know better than to leave the house in a shift dress or in active wear after a big brunch.

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To list off all the women in the public eye who have been forced to confirm whether or not they’re pregnant to tabloid media outlets would simply take too long. Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellweger, Kate Winslet, Tyra Banks, Kaley Cuoco, Tiffany Haddish, Ashley Graham, Amy Schumer, Lady Gaga, Khloe Kardashian… to name a few.

It’s times like these we’re glad we’re not famous women with cameras trained on our stomachs, because sometimes, shit happens that makes your tummy look a certain way.

Sometimes, women eat things that make their tummies bigger. Doesn’t mean we’re pregnant.

Sometimes, women wear shift dresses, bodycon styles or high- waisted pants with a shirt tucked in that, from the wrong angle, could make our stomachs appear rounder. Again, not preggo.

Sometimes, it’s literally just your body shape. Women have stomachs, FUPAs and pouches, not because they’re pregnant, and also not because they haven’t lost their baby weight yet.

Sometimes, women are pregnant, but aren’t ready to tell the world yet because they’re scared they might lose their baby. Then there’s the women who can’t get pregnant at all, which makes any conversations around is she or isn’t she more painful than they already are.

And sometimes, the wind blows or we take a deep breath and, yep, we’re still… not pregnant.

Thanks to the shiny, filtered world of Instagram, it feels like we’ve forgotten what stomachs that don’t have babies growing in them actually look like.

To reset the balance and make sure we’re all on the same page, here are 10 photos of non-pregnant tummies to serve as a reminder that real life stomachs can be flat, round, squishy, wobbly, strong, sticky outy and everything in between.

They can also be pregnant, but best not to assume, eh?

Love how shift dresses drape over my empty womb. Image: Supplied.
When you tuck in your t-shirt and everyone thinks you're with child. Image: Supplied.
Nothing to see here. Literally nothing. Image: Supplied.
This is just the way my stomach looks in tight skirts. Image: Supplied.
This lovely floaty top is not hiding anything. Promise. Image: Supplied.
No bun in this oven. Image: Supplied.
When you've eaten and your stomach gets bigger... coz there's food in it.. Image: Supplied.
High-waisted pants are so comfy. Also not a sign you're preggo. Image: Supplied.
This skirt is not suffocating my non-existent baby. Image: Supplied.
It's called fashion, mate. Image: Supplied.

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