The man who spent half a million to look like a Ken doll finally shares his BEFORE photo.


The man who spent over half a million dollars on plastic surgery has revealed what he looked like before all 42 operations.

Rodrigo Alves, 32, is a London-based air steward who has accumulated a huge social media following for surgeries that have fans (and detractors) calling him a Ken doll.

And in a not-so shocking twist, he has exposed his past as a… regular looking guy.

The revelation was posted on social media app Instagram with two photos that held several smaller images inside.
“42 plastic surgeries, 305k english pounds very well spent!” One post reads.

ken doll 1 resize
The before and after. Source: Instagram.

Speaking to The Mirror, Alves said that while he didn’t intend to look like a Ken doll originally, it has become a tag he can’t shake.

“I never set out to look like Ken. But people have increasingly ­commented on how similar we are,” he said.



The second image comes with a long caption that continuously reiterates the positives behind plastic surgery.

“With pride I share my life story and experiences with plastic surgery and the reasons that led me to reinvent my self. And I couldn’t be any happier and now I am a true ambassador and speaker of a subject that a lot of people can benefit themselves from to have a better life and be happy,” he wrote.


better resized
Source: Instagram.

Alves has also shared an interesting thing about his psyche when speaking about his self-image before surgery.

“I was born in the wrong body. My soul never matched up with the rest of me, and now it does,” he said.

The Mirror reports that Alves carries a suitcase filled with makeup in order to conceal the various scars he carries from surgeries.

surgeries resized
An image taken after Alves underwent facial reconstruction. Source: Instagram.

Alves also revealed a childhood fraught with bullying about his physical appearance.

“At seven I was sent to boarding school. I was pushed down stairs by other kids and had my face held to a urinal,” he said.

“I had boobs like a girl, I was called ‘potato head’. I was fat, ugly, mishappen and ­depressed. I just wanted to be accepted by ­society and to fit that Brazilian standard of beauty.”

Although Alves has said he is happy with his current image, he plans on having further surgery.

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