The Real Housewives Of Sydney had a near death experience while filming.

We knew things got a little crazy during filming on The Real Housewives of Sydney set, but it turns out they actually suffered through a near death experience.

The experience was retold by several members of the cast during a group interview with Mamamia Entertainment Editor Laura Brodnik, the only part of the interview that went well to be honest.

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During the interviews, cast member and business owner Matty Samaei told Mamamia the housewives were warned an engine had exploded during a secret flight that the wives had taken while they were travelling and filming for the show.

“He goes, ‘One engine has blown up” she said.

“So I went and panicked, ‘I don’t want to die!'”

Matty then motioned to the rest of the group before explaining how many of them had slept through the experience.

“You guys were all passed out. I go to Krissy Marsh, this and that.” she said.

Designer Athena X cut in to protest how she was awake and had joked about reincarnation.

“I was there too, Matty!” she said.

“Remember, I told you, “Don’t worry, you’re just going to come back.'”

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The full interaction between Matty and Athena can be seen in the video playing above.

The binge host Laura Brodnik told podcast listeners how the wives were happy to share the trauma of the trip, but not their actual destination.

"We don't actually know yet, where they were filmed, that's still coming," she said.

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