Cheating allegations rock the Real Housewives of Melbourne.


It may have started with a Sicilian-themed 69th birthday party, but last night’s Real Housewives of Melbourne finale ended with an all-in brawl.

The cast met for dinner at an upmarket restaurant but things quickly went downhill when Jackie Gillies accused fellow housewife Lydia Schiavello of partaking in an extra-marital affair (or several).

“Let’s talk about the affairs you have, honey,” Jackie began with a menacing hair flick.

“I left you at the Logies. I walked out his room and I left you there.”

Woah. Gamble is all of us right now. Source: Foxtel

Lydia, who is married to respected architect Andrew Norbury, brushed aside the accusations, hitting back:

"That's crap. What were you doing there?"

Watch the fight here (post continues after video):

Video via Foxtel

Last year eyebrows were raised at Lydia's on screen flirtation with cricket legend Shane Warne who made a cameo appearance on the reality program.

During last night's episode, the fight raged on, with Lydia claiming Jackie was just "making up sh*t".

"Do you know what? You're making stories up. And your psychic powers are running amok," she said before going on a full offensive.

"She's no f*cking angel, let me tell you."

Seriously though, who was in the room at the Logies? Source: Instagram

The other housewives tended to agree that Jackie had overstepped the mark.

"Okay, this is a very big call because we're talking about someone's marriage," Chyka chimed in at one point.

Later in a blog post, Jackie also agreed she had overstepped the mark:

"Was I frustrated and angry with Lydia? Yes, I most certainly was! Should I have said she had an affair? No, I shouldn't have. I've felt extremely remorseful since. BUT, there are solid reasons I felt pushed to that point – it had been festering for quite some time."

Lydia also had a few things to add saying, slightly baffling, she hadn't seen any evidence of an affair.

"The most pronounced and prominent rumour that has been circulating is that I have had multiple affairs," she wrote. "I haven’t seen any evidence to support that, but wow, what effect do you think that has had on my relationship with Andrew?

"Luckily, Andrew is my rock and knows the truth."

Can't wait until the reunion special to find out more.