The 9 things that only toddlers can get away with.

Being a toddler rules, and here’s proof.

When you really think about it, toddlers have the best life. When else in your life will you ever get away with so much? The answer is…NEVER.

A hilarious video by Tripp & Tyler has been released showing exactly what you can’t do when you’re no longer a toddler.

We watched it for you and have come up with this easy-to-follow-guide, just in case you were thinking of doing any of these things.

1. You can’t walk around the house naked.

2. You can't say the following phrases:

"You know, I have a fire truck."

"I sleep in a big boy bed."

"My dad goes to work."

"I'm 35-and-a-half."

3. You can't hide behind adult's legs when spoken to.

4.You can't suck your own toes. Well you can, but it's not a good look.

5. You can't make a huge mess while eating, with your hands.

6.You can't to into the Ladies' Room with your mum.

7.  Balloons are just balloons.

You can't say, "Oh my God, wow" whenever you see a balloon or call spaghetti "psescetti".

8. Or throw tantrums when there is only one cookie left.

9. Nobody cares about what you've done in the toilet.

Avoid saying, "Hey guys, I just poopied in the toilet all by myself".

Watch the entire video here:

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